Couple Has Sex on Subway; Passengers Watch & Cheer

sex on subwayIn a video making its way around the Web, a couple had full-blown sex on a subway in Vienna with no worries as to the other passengers surrounding them.

It's NSFW or for little eyes, so be careful who's around if you watch the video

If you don't want to subject yourself to it, suffice it to say it's very graphic. There's no doubt AT ALL as to what's happening, and they make no attempt to disguise it. Witnesses say they weren't a couple, and just went their separate ways after departing the train. No one even alerted the driver.


While two people going at it on a train knowing others are around is disturbing enough, perhaps even more disturbing is the reaction of their fellow passengers. They are not only watching, but cheering, filming, getting up and close to document the whole things. 

I'm sure the couple was drunk, but what excuse do the passengers have? Shouldn't someone have told them to stop? Or thrown a blanket over them? Or something?

Gawker is asking if the sex partners are heros or villains.

" ... it's also really hot. Who hasn't ridden the subway late at night and saw a comely gentleman or lady and their thoughts turn romantic—or actually sexual," states Brian Moylan. "It's such a taboo, something so public and transgressive that it makes the act of doing a little choo-choo in the underground tunnels even that much more attractive. God knows if I was on an empty subway car with an eligible gentleman who seemed willing that I would try some shenanigans."

Besides the germ factor and the disgust of thinking of the next person sitting on that seat, I can't think of anything less sexy than this. The idea of sex in a public space is one thing when you think you won't get caught, but to actually do it in public, with an audience, is just ... inconsiderate at best.

Heroes? No way. Drunk, stupid and lacking in any kind of decency or self respect, absolutely -- and most of that goes for those filming and cheering too.

What would you do if you saw a couple having sex in a public place?


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