Concorde Crash: Is France Off the Hook for Fatal Incident?

Kim Conte

airplaneFrance is sloughing off blame for the infamous crash of an Air France Concorde supersonic jet that killed 113 people in 2000.

A French court today found Continental Airlines and one of its mechanics solely guilty in connection with the fatal incident. According to the ruling, the crash was caused when a piece of metal fell off a Continental DC-10 jet minutes before the Concorde jet sped down the runway; the debris pierced the Concorde's tire and caused it -- and subsequently the fuel tank -- to explode.

The bottom line? France authorities are blaming the entire incident on the United States and are seeking a hefty compensation for Air France ($1.3 million).

For its part, Continental is claiming the plane was in flames before hitting the metal; it's calling the ruling "absurd" and plans to appeal.

Who do you think is to blame for the Concorde crash?

Image via chrisny2/Flickr

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