Toy Pig Is a Pawn in the War on Christmas

toy pig ban jews muslimsOne of the most annoying stories flying around the world wide web right now involves a toy pig on a farm and people complaining about political correctness. Just writing that sentence is, in fact, annoying.

But alas, a weird slip-up by a toy store and a very loud UK woman only being identified as "Caroline" have stirred up the xenophobic pot. Who does "Caroline" blame for her child's lost pig from HappyLand Goosefeather Farm? Well, the Jews and Muslims of course!

It's Christmas, so someone has to start talking smack about the "others" who are clearly waging a war on the Christian holiday.

The only problem is it's complete bullshit.


First of all, if you're calling a newspaper to complain that your pig is missing from your toy farm due to Jews and Muslims, yet you won't even give your last name, you shouldn't be allowed to speak. Secondly, if you think speaking in non-offensive terms, or respecting others' religious views should be condemned and you're using "political correctness" as a negative term -- you're a racist.

Now that we have that out of the way, why was that pig missing from HappyLand Goosefeather Farm?

Early Learning Centre, the company that makes the farm, told The Sun:

ELC said: "The decision to remove the pig was taken in reaction to customer feedback in some parts of the world."
After "Caroline's" freak-out, the pig will return.

A spokeswoman said: "We recognise that pigs are familiar farm animals -- especially for our UK customers.

"We have taken the decision to reinstate the pig and to no longer sell the set in international markets where it might create an issue."

Honestly lady, just call the company and say you want your damn pig back. Creating an international incident over a plastic pig says more about you than an overreaction by a company who was trying to work within many different populations. While in the UK you'd be hard-pressed to find a Muslim or Jewish parent that finds a toy pig offensive (or most anywhere), you have no idea what cultural standards exist outside your own bubble. So relax, get your toy pig, and stop trying to create an uproar about those other people who aren't like you.

Incidentally, you can buy a HappyLand Goosefather Farm in the U.S. -- pig included.

Image via Magic Beans

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