Should the 'Abortion Couple' Be Shot? Let's Vote On It


It's official. Pete and Alisha Arnold are the most horrible people in all the Interweb land.

They are a couple in Minneapolis who is offering up their pregnancy to the Internet gods. The Arnolds are both 30 and have been married 10 years. Allegedly, they are undecided on having children and, after having two failed pregnancies, Alisha is pregnant for a third time. Through their website, they are allowing the Internet to vote on whether they should have the baby or abort.

Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself. They claim that this isn't a pro-life publicity stunt, though it's hard to believe otherwise. What is a fact here is that no matter what the reason they're doing this is, it's a pretty despicable thing to do.

Some facts the Arnolds have probably missed:

  • Pro-choice doesn't mean pro-abortion: One can support every woman's right to make her own choice while also finding abortion to be an unfortunate and painful choice. Just because I think abortion should be legal doesn't mean I support it in general. I have had two babies and no abortions and I know pregnancy is a life. But I'm not going to tell another person what they should believe.
  • Abortion is a personal decision: Just like I can't tell some woman she should have 10 children because she and her spouse are beautiful and intelligent (and have PhDs from Ivy League schools), I can't tell someone they shouldn't have children because they can't afford it. It's the beauty of living in the US. We don't tell others how to live their lives.
  • Abortion isn't easy: If they do support a woman's right to choose, as they say they do, then they're doing it a major disservice. They're pretending this is easy and that the majority of the US should decide what happens in their lives. That isn't what abortion is all about. The whole point is that it's a difficult, emotional decision and that women need to be free to make it themselves.

It isn't up to the public to tell the Arnolds whether they should have a baby or not. It's up to the Arnolds to decide, but as long as they're putting it up for public discussion, then we can weigh in. So here is mine:

No matter what their reasons are for doing such a stupid, inane, and possibly sick-in-the-head publicity stunt, it's clear that these two shouldn't be reproducing. I suggest a third option:

Give that poor baby to a family who would love him or her, care for him or her, and not put his or her life in the hands of Internet commenters who have too much time (and anger) on their hands. If this is the kind of parents these two will be, the poor kid is better off without them.

How about we try our own democratic vote: should the Arnolds be shot? Vote in the comments section.

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kelli... kelli0585

Nothing that you say or post on the Internet is eraseable.  Nothing.  It's out there, somewhere.

I'd feel horrible if the baby (if he/she even lives) would grow up to find this poll from their parents.  Some people just shouldn't breed.


I too am pro-choice, but not pro-abortion.

skrawli skrawli

I think the parents should have a stupidity poll.  "Are they really that stupid or not" 


You are right the baby should go to a family that would love a baby.  i can think of one right now!  Its a shame there isnt a life guard for the gene pool. . . just sayin.

Gigan... GigantaursMommy

This is horrible she's sixteen weeks pregnant. SIXTEEN weeks they're going to wait until right before she's twenty weeks to get the abortion? That baby is almost viable. If you're going to get an abortion it needs to happen well before this point. She's probably already showing a little bit, that's a baby in there it's not like you can even use the tiny embryo excuse anymore when he/she comes out (they may even be able to see the sex by now) it will look like a real baby abortion or not. This is disgusting and I hope someone does shoot these people because they deserve to rot in hell. 

.Momm... .MommyEast.

Why is Sesame Street Live a sponsered link on that site???? Pretty disturbing stuff, I hope its fake...

Charlotte Renninger

These people are sick, there are so many people n this world that would take tha poor baby in as there own, And for them to let somethng like this in the hands of the nternet world,THEY ARE STUPID, if they dont want kids then get fixed that will fix that problem,30 years old and they act like this,YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE KIDS!!! Let a Family Adopted so the child can be loved!!!!

bills... billsfan1104

If you are pro-choice then you are pro-abortion. If you are claiming it is not pro-abortion, just pro choice, than you cannot say that I am anti-choice when I am against abortion. It works both ways.

ankle... anklebitr

Back to the question, should they be shot?  Meh, take the baby away, (if there is one) and make it so neither of them can contribute to the gene pool.


Cassie Bull

This may be the first time ever that I am at a loss for words!

sandr... sandra1023

I don't believe it for a  second.  they are just attention whores.  I do not think they have any intention of aborting the baby, which as someone said, is going to suck when the kid grows up and hears about this.  They are morons and hopefully they will give the poor kid up for adoption, if not, look for a possible reality show.  I am sure that is where they are going with this.

Tempe... TempestRayne

Reminds me of the couple who were trying to get donations to total $50,000.00 or they were going to abort their baby. It was fake.  This is probably fake too. Atleast, I pray to God it is fake and that this is some obscure political point that no one understands yet.

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