Fox News on Obama's New Book: A Bunch of Sitting Bull

Barack Obama children's bookAnother day, another plot by the right to cast an "un-American" light on President Barack Obama. Fox News had a chance to report on Obama's new children's book in a fair and balanced manner this week -- in keeping with their motto.

Instead they followed the same path used recently by Fox pundit Glenn Beck to convince the American public that the Obama was taking an "unnecessary" trip to India that would cost taxpayers $2 billion. If you can't come up with something bad enough, twist the truth until it works for you.

CNN's Anderson Cooper did the nation a favor by deconstructing Beck's crazy lie, completely blowing out of the water the Fox Nation theory about the trip's real cost.

The Stir has been inspired to do the same today. We present the fair and balanced version of the president, the Indian chief, and Fox News.


On Tuesday, Random House published the president's children's book, Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters. It presents the reader -- ostensibly his daughters -- questions about which virtues they possess, then gives them examples of famous Americans who valued those particular skills.

This week, Fox Nation published an article announcing the book. They originally titled it "Obama Praises Indian Chief Who Killed U.S. General."

People apparently complained that there was no proof Sitting Bull ever killed General George Custer, so the title has been changed to "Obama Praises Indian Chief Who Defeated U.S. General" with an editor's note that the headline is now historically accurate.

That doesn't make it any more balanced. In an attempt to find controversy in a book for kids, the Fox piece claims "his most controversial choice may be Sitting Bull, who defeated Custer at Little Bighorn."

So what's so controversial? Here's the exact text from Of Thee I Sing:

Have I told you that you are a healer?

Sitting Bull was a Sioux medicine man who healed broken hearts and broken promises. It is fine that we are different, he said. "For peace is not necessary for eagles to be crows." Though he was put in prison, his spirit soared free on the plains, and his wisdom touched the generations.

There's no reference to the defeat of a U.S. general in the Obama book. And there's no reference to Custer's disturbing story in the Fox News piece, which sports a hero worship that's downright bizarre for a man often called an "American embarrassment."

Sitting Bull wasn't a perfect man. But there were 12 other Americans profiled in the book whose skeletons Fox could have yanked out (Billie Holiday had a drinking problem! George Washington had a sex scandal!), and they didn't.

Instead they pulled out their best hope for a "Oh my, Obama hates America" story and ran with it. Not fair. Not balanced. And not even close.


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