Holiday Travel Worst Case Scenarios

holiday travel worst case scenariosLooking at the holiday travel news this week is making many people thankful to be hosting Thanksgiving at their own homes this year. Sure the cooking can be intense, the clean-up as overwhelming as the childhood resentments bursting forth after too many glasses of wine; but at least you're not these passengers.

From invasive body scanners to volcanoes, here are the worst possible travel scenarios we've seen as of late and you could face on the busiest travel day of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Whether you're a publicity seeking jerk, a 3-year-old, a nursing mom, or a celebrity; no one is loving the body scanner or invasive pat-downs by the TSA. Security lines are becoming contentious, political, and high-stress. Prepare to remove more than your shoes this holiday season as you are scanned from head to toe. And you thought opening your laptop was a pain.
  • A Ryanair flight that was delayed in Morocco on its way to the Beauvais airport near Paris suffered many a set-back. Fog delayed the flight for three hours, then it was re-routed to Belgium. But these unruly passengers weren't satisfied to accept an offer of a bus ride almost 300 miles away. Instead, they stayed on the plane FOR FOUR HOURS. Talk about doing the opposite of what I would want to do after already being on the doomed flight for three hours. In spite of the lights being shut off and the bathroom being locked up, these pissed off passengers held firm. The plane still didn't take off for France.
  • Think you can avoid the whole holiday hubbub by boarding a cruise ship and taking off into the open sea? So did the Carnival Splendor passengers, and wow did that suck.
  • Also, people hate your kids. So if you must travel this holiday season, see if your littlest family members can fend for themselves. Hey, it worked out for Macaulay Culkin, right?

Are you staying home or braving the road, air, and sea ways?


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