Willow Palin Makes Herself Fair Game

Willow PalinCongratulations Willow Palin! The country now hates you even more than your sister's dancing.

The middle child of Sarah Palin let loose a string of gay slurs on her Facebook page this week, ostensibly to quiet detractors who were bashing her mother's new TLC reality show. And she successfully shed the protective shield she's been sporting since the whole country went all mama grizzly over David Letterman quipping about her sex life a year and a half ago.

She was a minor then and a minor now, so what's changed?


Simple: A year and a half ago, she was an innocent 14-year-old who had done nothing to inspire a vaguely pedo-like comment about her sex life. This time, Willow made the first move.

In Facebook screenshots uncovered by TMZ, she's shown to have gone out guns blazing on Tre, a fellow student in Wasilla, Alaska, whose status insulted her mom's TV show, Sarah Palin's Alaska.

In her first attack, Willow says, "Haha your so gay. I have no idea who you are, But what I've seen pictures of, your disgusting ... My sister had a kid and is still hot." She follows it up by referring to Tre as a "faggot."

They may be common terms used by the average 16-year-old as Palin's fan club has been quick to point out, but her timing couldn't be any worse. The rash of gay teen suicides followed by the very public outcry against bullying has been nationwide. It's hard to believe that hasn't stretched to Wasilla too. Or that Willow hasn't seen a TV news broadcast or a website. She knows it's wrong. All kids, at the heart of it, know it's wrong.

And as a politician who has been admired for her mastery of social media, it's hard to believe Sarah Palin didn't teach her daughter the power of your words on Facebook. Once they're out there, they're public record.

You can be arrested for things you've put up on Facebook. You can be flamed for things you put up on Facebook. And Willow Palin has just made herself fair game.


Image via tgaume/Flickr

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