Google Veterans Day Logo: Muslim & Anti-American?


google logo veterans dayThe crazy people on the Interwebs are at it again! Google has a lovely All-American logo today to recognize Veterans Day. As seen here, it's a flag blowing in the breeze with a light (the illuminating light of freedom?) shining throughout the land.

Unless you're a conspiracy theorist/birther/nutcase. Then your crazy eyes see a pro-Muslim, anti-American logo. Because, you know, Google is trying to take over the world and institute Sharia law.

Here's what people are saying on the Twitterverse:

google veterans day muslim




Yes, Google wants to blow up the American flag. Clearly. And perhaps we should ban lowercase e's from now on, in the off-chance they turn into crescent shapes and convert us all to Islam.

Some other gems from Twitter:

google veterans day muslim




Yes, one of the largest Americans corporations wants us to be nuked. Good catch Nathiest!

And grasping the true symbol behind the Google logo, or perhaps simply making yet another bigoted statement about Islam, is this one:

google veterans day muslim




How crazy do you think these people are, really?


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ryanlynn ryanlynn

I think they know NOTHING about computers or how to read....silly people

RanaA... RanaAurora

Cuckcoo.... cuckcoo...

julie... juliebulie

Wow! What idiots. Seriously.

ZandC... ZandCsmom1968

Too much time on their hands apparently.

miche... micheledo

LOL!!  Ha ha!!  I was looking at your picture here and trying to figure out what the red thing was under the flag.  Then I look at the whole article - DUH!!! 

It's understandable, but comical when you realize you didn't even read the word "Google" and just looked at the picture.

moder... modernmom2010

People will say anything to stir up controversy

bills... billsfan1104

It does look like a crecent moon, but I wouldnt say it was promoting Sharia LAw or anything like that. Thats stupid. I remember a long time ago, President Clinton was on the front cover of TIME magazine. It so happened that the M was behind his head and it looked like devil horn. I laughed my ass off on that. I personally think that the the flag that google did is beautiful and it honoroed our veterens just fine

mustb... mustbeGRACE

So it's not a crescent moon.

Then what the hell is it?

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

mustbeGRACE - it's part of the "e" at the end of the word "google."

ethan... ethans_momma06

I do think the flag is poorly placed. I highly doubt that they failed to notice that it blocked out most of the e, and left a crescent shape, there is plenty of room in the picture to fly the flag higher, leaving the e in full view, or a least a clearer view.

Do I really read anything into it? No. It's just awkward. However, IMO it looks more like the flag is blocking out the crescent, which would appear to make it more 'anti-muslim'. IF there is a 'hidden message' it's a muddled message.

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