George Bush & Matt Lauer Interview: 5 Shocking Revelations

george bush matt lauerThe epic interview with former President George W. Bush has now been aired on NBC, MSBNC, and all over the Internet. In the first interview since he's left office, Matt Lauer managed to get quite a bit out of the man who is known for dodging any and all questions. Of course, now Bush is selling his memoirs, Decision Points, so he's spilling it all.

More to come tomorrow on the TODAY show, but so far we've heard some doozies from 43. Here are five things you didn't know before Lauer got a hold of him.


1. Dick Cheney was super pissed at Bush for not pardoning Scooter Libby. Even saying that Bush left "a soldier on the battlefield." 

2. Bush was excited to talk about waterboarding. So much so, he brought it up before Lauer could and said waterboarding was legal "because the lawyers said it was legal." Balls, ladies and gentleman. He's got 'em.

3. Kanye West was responsible for one of the worst moments in his presidency, when he said, "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Kanye ruins everything, huh?

4. He got so drunk at a family dinner -- as an adult -- he asked Babs and George H.W. what sex was like after 50.

5. The most shocking revelation was that his mother, Barbara Bush, miscarried and showed a teenage Bush the fetus in a jar, and then had him drive her to the hospital. The former president says this showed that his mother was a straightforward person. Some say more like a disturbed person.

What surprised you most about the Bush interview?


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