Carnival Splendor Fire Makes for Worst Vacation EVER!


carnival cruise shipOn Monday the Carnival Splendor made history as possibly the worst cruise ship vacation since the Titanic. Well, that's if you don't count all of those fabulous cruises where people come down with stomach viruses. Okay, so maybe this isn't the worst, but a fire on a 113-ton vessel that shuts down power, while on your scheduled day-at-sea, has got to really suck!

The 3,299 passengers, who were hoping for a little sun, fun, and relaxation, managed to survive a full 24 hours without working toilets or cold running water; both were fully restored late Monday night. Yay for them! But so much for that seven-day Mexican Riviera cruise they were banking on.

And to dig into the side of the passengers a little more, the ship is only 55 miles from Mexico and 200 miles from San Diego; but moving a ship that size is no easy task when you don't have a working engine. Carnival has tug boats on the way, which should arrive midday today, but won't give a timeline for how long they think it will take to pull into Ensenada, Mexico, which is where the passengers will be able to kiss the solid ground again. Seriously, 55 miles doesn't seem all that far, but when you are stuck on a ship in the middle of the sea without the ability to move — suddenly it feels pretty far. How many cruisers do you think want to lower those life boats and start rowing? I wonder, can you get claustrophobic on something that large, because I am feeling closed in just thinking about it.

Meanwhile the passengers are doing the best they can without air-conditioning and hot food. Carnival's president and CEO Gerry Cahill said:

We know this has been an extremely trying situation for our guests and we sincerely thank them for their patience. Conditions on board the ship are very challenging and we sincerely apologize for the discomfort and inconvenience our guests are currently enduring.

Damn right it is Gerry! Get them the heck off that boat.

At least Carnival has already told everyone that they will all get a full refund and any transportation costs will be reimbursed. Plus, lucky cruisers, they will all get a credit for a future cruise — as long as it isn't more than they paid for this cruise. Now all I am left to wonder is if Carnival has figured out how to give their passengers back the vacation days they've just used up from work?

Do you cruise? Have any horror stories to share? Would this stop you from going on a cruise?


Image via Carnival Cruise Line

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Bill Peace

Why would I not cruise any more. Yes it is terribly inconvenient but like happens, the Company is really trying to compensate and provide safety. I have been on the ship and I would much rather be stranded there than in a cigar shaped airplane waiting on the runway for hours on end. At least with the ships engine out you are still afloat, where would you be if you were flying and you lost all power?????

Mike Santner

"The worst cruise ship vacation since the Titanic?" That has to be the most ludacris statement I've ever heard. This isn't the first cruise ship fire in the recent past, so comparing this event to the Titanic is way past stupid. The fact is, thanks to the crew, there were no passenger injuries. Sure, the passengers are a bit inconvenienced, but they're safe. My question is, how might you expect the ship get the passengers "the heck off that boat?" It's not a boat by the way... it's not a submarine and it has a Captain. You're obviously not a frequent cruiser and if you are you don't spend enough time out of the bars to understand what being at sea is all about. Take it from someone that is both retired from the U.S. Navy and a frequent cruiser (more than 10 cruises in the past three years) (me), there isn't a whole lot that can be done that hasn't been done or is in the process of being accomplished. The crew is keeping the passengers safe and caring for them.

nonmember avatar Carol

I sailed on this ship 3 weeks ago - seems this ship is cursed! When we sailed a crew member committed suicide by jumping ship! We spent 5 hours circling trying to find the body. Of course it happened in the middle of the night - so the Captain made announcements in the cabins and woke us up. The remainder of the cruise all the crew could talk about was how the loss was Carnival's fault and how the company is horrible to its employees. I don't think if even if they gave me a free trip, that I could sail with them again! Its Royal Carribean for me!!!

nonmember avatar camilla

i agree with both comments...question for me is, will the splendor be up and running by thanksgiving week when we are booked to sail??? looking doubtful and not sure if they'll be as generous with refunds for us

Marie Dantuono-Saulpaugh

Worst Vacation I ever had!!!! Food quality HORRIBLE!!! Service HORRIBLE!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!

DebaLa DebaLa

Titanic. Gotta love the hyperbole. Actually, we had a great time a few years ago. Yes, we were like herded cattle. But, we were well-tended and tanned cattle. : )

Andres Bravomalo

As always it has to be unhappy peoplem which main reason is profit the ocassion in order to lower down the great prestige of Carnival Cruise LInes. This Conpany has denostrated one more time that its crewmembers are the best crew in the whole Creuise Industry. Accidents happen anytime on any transportation vessel. This time the crew demostrated a great valor and knowledge under any emergency sitiations.So, the stupid comparison mage wuth ¨Titanic¨is malicius and out of sense.

Douglas Kerr

I hardly think that refunding the cruise (of course!) and just giving them a new cruise (when new vacation time is accrued) is compensation for this misadventure. This would be the absolute minimum that would be required by any cruise line.

nonmember avatar Mary

A full refund, travel expences and a future cruise is very generous! What else would you expect? Carnival can't be blamed for this anymore then the could control a hurricane. I feel they are doing the very best they can under the unfortunate circumstances.

lynhea lynhea

No! You hear very few cruising horror stories. I've been on two cruises in my life and honestly feel its the best way to vacation, but with the current drug wars going on in Mexico, I'm stearing clear of cruises that venture down there. Maybe we will do an Alaskan cruise this next year.

The one trip I took on a cruise to Alcopulco was so freaken fun!! It was the best time ever. But Alcupolco is not the same anymore since the drug wars.


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