Democrats + Republicans = Compromise?


jenny erikson
Jenny Erikson
The red Republican wave took over the country this past Tuesday (with the exception of California) with the GOP taking back the House of Representatives, several Senate seats, a plethora of governorships, and many local offices.

Nancy Pelosi is going to have to come up with a new twitter handle, as @SpeakerPelosi is no longer apropo.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid narrowly escaped retirement with his win over Tea Party- and Sarah Palin-endorsed Sharron Angle in Nevada, and is now calling for both parties to work together. He told the Today show that Republicans and Democrats need to "build a consensus and move this country along."

President Obama also called for unity between the two parties. He told reporters on Wednesday, "I think John Boehner and I and Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are going to have to sit down and work together."

It's funny how liberals want to compromise and work together only when they've lost the upper hand. Just last month, Obama referred to Americans who don't agree with his ideology as "enemies," and told Republicans they could come along for the ride, but they had to sit in the back. Harry Reid insulted Hispanic Republicans, implying that they must be stupid if they choose conservatism over liberalism. Because, you know, they're not individual people capable of making their own choices -- they're just another voting block.

In addition to accusations and name-calling, Democrats don't exactly have a long history of willingness to work with Republicans. This past summer, they refused to compromise over unemployment benefits. Harry Reid himself rejected the deal, refusing to pass a bill that wouldn't add to the deficit. And who can forget all the closed-door deals during the health care debate? What about that $819 billion stimulus bill that passed the house without a single Republican vote? These things don't exactly scream of a party that is interested in bipartisanship.

Just three years ago, Harry Reid flat-out stated for the record, "We're not going to compromise." 

The proof is in the pudding. Democrats don't want compromise. Republicans shouldn't give it.

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Phils... PhilsBabyMama

Bullshit.  The Democrats have been trying to reach across party lines for the past 2 years.  The Republicans said as soon as Obama took office that they'd try to block the Dems at every turn and that's EXACTLY what they've done.

Jenny... JennyErikson

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha *deep breath* hahahahahahahahahaha!

nonmember avatar MaressaSB

I'm with PhilsBabyMama. The GOP is loud and proud about being "The Party of NO." Their main goal (likely a brainstorm of Karl Rove!) since Nov. 2008 has to be obstruct ALL progress in order to make Obama look foolish and take back the White House in 2012. Well, I hope the American public catches on to their sick ruse soon, because we simply can't afford to turn the clock backward on the environment, civil rights, reproductive rights, healthcare reform, etc.

Jenny... JennyErikson

Oh, that's why everyone voted out the Democrats! Very astute.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

The Democrats have been trying to reach across party lines for the past 2 years.

....obstruct ALL progress in order to make Obama look foolish....

Not sure which one of those made me laugh harder.  Probably the implication that Obama needed Republical help to look foolish....but at least on that one there's an understanding that progress isn't being made...since he was soooooo busy ramming through a bill that nobody read, most Americans don't want, and the ones it was going to "help" can't afford it.

2012 can't come soon enough...the dems can hop in the back! 




DebaLa DebaLa

Oh really, I'm in Cali and the sky is as blue as ever. And I didn't vote for either party.


Exactly, Phils and others. Further, the red team was mad that the Dems stole their campaign play book in the first place. Just a case of sore losers that steamed their ship for two years — not any intent or display of compromise. Just plotting to take down.


But in my opinion, both parties stink, there will be no real compromise to aid in productivity. Ridiculous to think either party has The Answer or can Lead The Way. We haven't seen anything yet. Btw, no one "fears" Palin or her ilk.


And I quote: "Hahahahahahahahahahahaha *deep breath* hahahahahahahahahaha!"

jagam... jagamama0710

Agree with philsbabymama and maressaSB. In fact, just on the radio yesterday, they played more quotes of Obama talking about trying to work together over the past 2 years than I can even count.

How very progressive of you to think the Republicans shouldn't try to work with Democrats and just push their way across the US. Yeah! Republican ideas 100% all the way and screw whatever a huge chunk of the US thinks and wants! Because for some reason, to hear you guys call it, it's as though you won every single seat and that means everyone agrees with you.

jagam... jagamama0710

I also agree with DeBaLa.

Jenny... JennyErikson

Dude. You guys understand that the dems didn't need one iota of republican support? They could have done WHATEVER they wanted and there was not a single thing Republicans could have done to stop them.

nonmember avatar RB

Apparently there are people commenting here who don't understand the words "filibuster-proof majority".

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the Left can't take responsibility for their failures. They've never done it before.

It's also helpful that they have clearly learned nothing from the election on Tuesday and this makes it that much easier to end the Progressive agenda once and for all.

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