Election Results for Pelosi & Other Female Candidates: Who's Celebrating Today?

No matter what side of the aisle you support, November 2 was an interesting night for female candidates.

Nancy Pelosi -- the first female Speaker of the House from California -- won her relection but lost her Speaker of the House gig, when the Republicans got the majority number of seats.

In her tenure as speaker, Pelosi played a key role in moving the health care bill forward, stabilizing minimum wage, re-examining Wall Street firms, and working on the stimulus bill.

She was the first Italian-American to ever hold the post. After Vice President Joe Biden, she has the highest political position. No wonder why she was considered as America's most powerful woman.

For many, she was a polarizing figure, but like her or not, she is a whip-smart mom of five whose rise to power should be inspirational for women everywhere. She was not the only woman on the ballot last night.

Here are some other controversial female candidates and how they fared:


The Winners:

  • Jan Brewer, the Republican governor of Arizona, was under fire for being inarticulate at the debate and for supporting frightening anti-immigration legislation. The race was a blowout with Brewer taking a 14-point lead over Democratic Attorney General Terry Goddard.
  • Nikki Haley became the first female governor of South Carolina last night beating out Democrat Senator Vincent Sheheen. She was supported by Sarah Palin, but dogged by infidelity rumors and racist remarks throughout her campaign. She still won with 51 percent of the vote.
  • Michele Bachmann: The U.S. Representative from Minnesota won a third term in Congress after a battle against Democrat Tarryl Clark that drew huge amounts of money from across the country. A Tea Party favorite, Bachmann won easily.
  • Barbara Boxer, the California Democrat, has won her 11th term, defeating Republican challenger Carly Fiorina, a former Hewlett-Packard Co. chief executive, after a painful campaign that included sick attack ads against Boxer that were paid for by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Boxer received 52 percent of the vote.

The Losers:

  • Sharron Angle: The controversial Tea Partier lost her bid for Senator in Nevada to incumbent Harry Reid. She was recently called a "btch" by Joy Behar on The View.
  • Christine O'Donnell: The Tea Party's "I'm not a witch" candidate who had an anti-masturbation stance and claimed to be a reborn virgin lost her Senate election in Delaware, which is probably a good thing, since being a Senator usually requires some knowledge of the Constitution.
  • Meg Whitman, an ex-Silicon Valley executive, lost her bid to become California Governor to onetime Governor Jerry Brown, who reclaimed his old job.
  • Krystal Ball: The Democrat was running for Virginia Congress. It was a long shot and she lost to GOP incumbent, Representative Rob Wittman. During the campaign, sexy photos leaked of the young politician and she handled it well. Keep an eye on her in the future.

What elections were you watching last night?


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