Daylight Savings Time 2010: Why Parents Hate It

daylight savings fallThis year, the time to "fall behind" is one week from today -- we get to keep the longer daylight for another seven days, and then the clocks should be turned back on Sunday, November 7th at 2 a.m.

Fall behind. Sounds so negative. Those who see the positive love to shout that we do get an extra hour of sleep. But anyone with kids will say that really doesn't matter. Extra sleep, the imaginary friend us parents wish we had, is really just for one day (if you even get that) and then we have to reset our internal clock. Try explaining that to a toddler.


It also means it gets darker earlier, and we see less sunshine in our waking hours unless of course you have a newborn and then chances are you see the various states of the sky all through the night.

The reason all this time changing happens has to do with energy savings, and what that translates into is saving money, so that makes it a good thing. Right? Well maybe many moons ago, but not really today. And maybe during the spring when the days get longer, but for the fall, when it's getting colder each day and darker earlier and earlier, it just translates to the kids having to play more inside, and as a result having less time for interactive outdoor play. Inside the allure of the overdosing on television and video games is all too great.

As a parent, do you like daylight savings time?


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