Another Plea for Immigration Reform


jenny erikson
Jenny Erikson
Violence in Mexico is in the news again. Mexican pirates on Falcon Lake, which borders Texas and Mexico, murdered David Hartley, who was enjoying the day with his wife on the water. Patients at Mexican drug rehabilitation centers have been murdered in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico City, and Tijuana, just to name a few.

It's looking pretty bad for a country supposedly on a crackdown against illegal drugs. Since Mexican President Felipe Calderon declared a war on drugs nearly four years ago, 28,000 people have been killed in drug-related incidents.

Of course, President Calderon puts the blame for those killings squarely on the United State's shoulders. According to that paragon of virtue and leadership, the U.S. should be doing more to reduce the demand for the drugs that is fueling the violence in Mexico.

Apparently Mexicans don't do drugs. Also, American potheads are forcing the scary drug lords to grow some weed so they can get their fix.

Calderon also likes to point the finger at the United States for supplying the drug cartels with their weapons. Even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went along with this myth, declaring that 90% of illegal guns in Mexico can be traced to the United States. This is so blatantly false that it's amazing she still has a job. Only 17% of those firearms are traced back to us, which means that Mexican criminals are getting 83% of those weapons elsewhere.

It should also be mentioned that police corruption in Mexico is rampant. Crime in Mexico cannot be tied to the U.S., no matter how hard the Mexican government and our government try to insist upon it. Mexico is full of real people being dominated and killed by a corrupt government and police force alternatively in cahoots with -- or fighting against -- the powerful drug cartels.

It's no wonder we have so many illegal immigrants seeking refuge in the United States.

We need to give law-abiding Mexicans a chance to come to America and raise their families in our well-ordered society. It's not fair that only those immigrants willing to break the law and sneak across the border can live here.

It's nearly impossible to become a citizen legally these days, and for those hoping to escape the violence of their homeland and make a better life in America, there's only despair or acting illegally. Many choose to act illegally, and many kind-hearted people turn a blind eye. The problem with this lax border security is that it also allows the bad guys in.

It's not our job to fix Mexico, and I don't think there's any way we can. But we can fix our immigration system. Let's put up a big, heavily armed fence to keep the bad guys out, and let's get rid of quotas and let as many of the good guys in that want to come live in the best country on Earth.

Don't you think most illegal immigrants would rather be citizens? Let's not make it impossible for them to do that.


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micta... mictamali

Jenny, thank you for being a voice of sensibility.

MomIWant MomIWant


Joy Higginbotham

Girl, I totally agree with you. I hate how our current immigration policy is tearing families apart, also. I know of families where mom is legal, kids are legal, but dad isn't.  .so either he's here illegally, or he's not here at all. :( Either way, it's bad.

R24Ol... R24Olomos

My husband is in Mexico as we speak waiting for a waiver appt so he can have a chance to come home to his daughters and I. We are struggling to make ends meet is cost more and more for the appts the hotel stay the packages his food when he first got to Mexico Oct 3rd he didn't eat besides the free breakfast in the morning cause he knew we didnt have the funds. My kids cry daily for dad I can not get any help because state of Texas says 1 of 2 things I can not prove he is in Mexico or that if they give me any aid than he will most likely be arrested when he returns to the states legally for back child support.

It is not a simple thing to do but we had to think well do we risk you getting banned for 10 yrs at the most or do you stay in the state illegally its a catch 22 either way you look at it our kids suffer. My husband was brought over here as a child to work so he could help support his mom sister and lil bro and his dad because his dad was dying. It is a village my husband lives in with mostly only woman because the men leave to work to support the wives and kids. The drug cartel is closing in on my husbands home town demanding they pay them for protection if you dont pay you suffer by being beat house burned down or killed.

nonmember avatar j

Good article, truth. why so many ppl seem not to see this. especially politicians...

nonmember avatar Rocin

R24's heart wrenching description of the incredible pain that her family suffers is just one of incredibly many such stories.
It's not just us, nor just Mexico, but together that we have created this disaster for so many families.

nonmember avatar ski

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nonmember avatar Alex

Was that a joke about our "well ordered society"? Any area where Mexicans move to becomes Mexico. Look at most of LA.

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