Rand Paul Supporter Stomps Woman's Head = Business as Usual for Tea Party

rand paul supporter stomps woman headA nasty turn of events at last night's Kentucky Senatorial Debate happened before Rand Paul and Democratic opponent Jack Conway even took to the stage. Lauren Valle, a MoveOn.org employee, was violently attacked as she tried to approach Paul for a photo where she would hold up the sign, "RepubliCorp: Employee of the Month."

As you can see in the video, a group of Paul supporters sent her to the hospital instead.

Gee, is anyone surprised an event with a crowd of rabid Rand Paul followers could turn violent? Multiple Tea Party candidates have proven again and again to have zero respect for women and racial or ethnic minorities and to embrace violence. So when Rand Paul supporters grab a woman, throw her to the ground, and stomp on her head -- they're just doing what they're told.



It's impossible for Tea Party members to deny that their crop of candidates lean toward the pathological with the following subhuman behaviors:

Racism, bigotry, and misogyny are violent. This physical manifestation just proves the hate behind this movement is very real, and very dangerous. 


Image via YouTube


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