Glenn Beck Is Terrified of the Tea Party Too


Glenn Beck Food insuranceIf the Tea Party sweeps the November elections, some Americans fear it will be the end of the world. Glenn Beck agrees.

Yes, you read that right. Glenn Beck. Conservative talk show host and tea drinker extraordinaire. He's getting angsty about the apocalypse.

Why else would he be advocating we all buy food insurance kits to survive Armageddon?

If you were poking around on Beck's website this week, you might have noticed a sizable banner ad from, a company that describes its wares as:

An emergency pack and emergency kits to give people at least two weeks of great food and clean water until more permanent solutions can be obtained. Many of the meals are freeze-dried, which means they will last up to 10 years and retain their nutritional value. Also, unlike other survival food solutions that require you to grind wheat or employ some other 18th century skill, Food Insurance meals come prepackaged as lasagna, beef stroganoff, and a host of other great entrees. And to top it off, this food comes packaged in a high quality backpack so you can grab it and go.

Anyone can buy an ad, you say? True, but take a gander at the Food Insurance homepage, topped off with Beck's smarmy grin and a direct endorsement. You can even click to hear him wax poetic about the wonders of the product. Beck isn't just taking the money for an ad, he's thrown himself into the endorsement deal.

Says Beck, "I want to talk to you about the changing world that we live in, and I want to talk to you about a company that I've found called Food Insurance."

But, but, we're trying to restore America, here, Glenn. We want change. Don't we?

This is not Beck's first catastrophe rodeo. Goldline, a company that Beck has endorsed as a source for real Americans to buy gold to avoid that pesky banking industry in case it fails, is now under investigation for a number of issues. Among them? They're accused of sneaking advertising pitches into the fabric of Beck's rants without making it clear that they're paying him for the privilege.

Beck followed up that scandal with yet another prediction of cataclysm. This fall he's been beseeching Americans turn to God over gold -- because "I think there's some economic terror coming our way."

The pundit warned in September, "What is past here? The doorframe of insanity! You don't want to be standing here. Remember, you are in a house that is coming down all around you." That was two months ago -- just as national news media were using polls to predict the GOP was going to take the House and possibly even the Senate this November.

It's all lining up. Glenn Beck is afraid for our future. Are you?

Image via Food Insurance

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mindi... mindiemoore

Instead of saying some Americans fear it will be the end of the world, you should have said what you really meant, and said you fear it.

As far as the food thing. I don't know about the end of the world but I think it sounds like a good idea to have in case of an emergency. I hear all the time that we should have a certain amount of food stocked up in case something happens, tornado, hurricane, etc. so I think it's a good idea and like it or not, Glenn Beck's name is out there, hell look you're even talking about him, so if the company uses him to sell more product, which in turn makes them more money that's fantastic.

PonyC... PonyChaser

So, let me get this straight... having enough food to get you and your family through an emergency is a bad idea?  Tell that to the folks in Louisiana... or to the folks in any of the areas in the Heartland that have been leveled by tornadoes or devastated by floods.  Storing food isn't just for the "tin foil hat crowd" - it's a good idea for everyone, or don't you listen to the PSA's put out by our own government, advising that you have a minimum of three days food and water available in the event of an emergency?  And frankly, freeze drying is a good idea - one of those backpacks at Food Insurance (or any of a number of "survival" food companies) can hold two weeks worth of meals, whereas canned/frozen foods take up a ton of space and are not portable if you are told to evacuate.  It's called "being prepared", and it's not a bad idea.

As for the Goldline thing, that was a political move by Anthony Weiner (D,NY) to discredit Beck.  Beck has never made any secret of his "alliance" with Goldline, although he ALWAYS says something to the effect of, "gold is right for me, but it may not be right for you.  Do your research before investing any of your money." 


PonyC... PonyChaser


Further (unbiased) information can be found in this excellent article:

Of particular interest, quoted from the article:

"As questionable as some of Goldline's business practices may be, the amount of money "lost" by their customers is insignificant compared to losses sustained by those who invested in Enron, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, General Motors, AIG, Wachovia Bank, Washington Mutual, Chrysler, the other 200+ US banks that have failed in the past three years, and most US-dollar denominated government and corporate paper assets.  Further, the massive federal budget deficits are harming Americans more than all the alleged misdeeds by all coin and bullion dealers put together.  Even at the high prices that Goldline may have charged customers a decade ago, I suspect that many are now in a profit position.

"I would not be at all surprised to learn that the attack on Goldline had more to do with political retribution against people who value their freedom and are trying to protect their wealth than any concern by politicians and bureaucrats for the well-being of the citizenry.  The attack also helps divert attention from the growing political and financial mess for which governments shoulder a major part of the blame."

nonmember avatar Allboys

It's funny to me how some of you writers get so wrapped up in partisan politics you can't see past it. Having an emergency food store is a great idea for every single person. You never know what kind of natural or man made disaster could befall you. Having food and potable water is paramount. What does hating republicans have to do with common sense?

Fallaya Fallaya

Beck is a dickhead.

Jake 'Terry' Robinson

and Fallaya just sums up what Beck's opposition is about... twisted sad emotional hate for something they fear...

Beck has AWAYS said he "was a client of Goldline before he ever endorsed them"...

don't be a dunce... do your freakin' research...

Fallaya - what would your mother think of your vile comment?

ethan... ethans_momma06

Yeah. Because emergency rations are such an idiotic idea and only pertain to the 'End of the World'.

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