Rent Is Too Damn High Party Is Damn Right

rent is too damn high partyJimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party crashed the gubernatorial debate in New York last night and made the most sense of any of the candidates trying to get to Albany. Because you know what? The rent is too damn high.

The cost of living has been soaring past wages for decades now, and when you look at an urban center like New York, the rent is outrageous and not sustainable. Heck, in California where the housing market is in the toilet, the rent is also too damn high.

While McMillan may sound one note, what he's really running on is this: The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and nobody seems to give a damn. I like it. If I weren't too scared of Paladino getting his homophobic, racist, porn-loving butt elected to New York state's highest office, I would totally vote for Jimmy McMillan.

You know who else I would vote for?


Anyone on the following tickets:

My Food Is Too Damn Toxic Party

My Bank Is Too Damn Cocky Party

My Health Insurance Is Too Damn Greedy Party

My Neighbors Are Too Damn Bigoted Party

My Schools Are Too Damn Failing Party

McMillan may have a flashy website, an epic facial hair situation, and a catchy theme song, but what he's saying is serious. Anyone else who's willing to step out and talk about what "real Americans" are talking about has my vote. See list above, politicians, and sign up today.

Enjoy McMillan's performance truth-telling:

What political party would you vote for?

Image via Rent Is Too Damn High


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