Krystal Ball Photos, Meg Whitman & More: The Week In Sexist Smears On the Campaign Trail

krystal ball photo
Krystal Ball
It seems like more women than ever are running for office -- Krystal Ball, Meg Whitman, Kirsten Gillibrand, Nikki Haley, to name a few. Yet, even in the ripe-old year of 2010, more women on the campaign trail is proving to be more of an opportunity for sexism to rear its ugly head.

And unfortunately, sexist smears can't just be ignored in the hopes that it will make the other party look bad. A new study shows that sexist remarks can hurt a female candidate's campaign even more than where she stands on the issues.

So whose campaign is potentially suffering this week?

  • Racy photos of 28-year-old Democrat Krystal Ball, who is running for Congress in Virginia, were leaked on the Internet. The photos show Ball wearing a sexy Santa Halloween costume and doing a whole lot of nothing wrong. Ball accused her opponent Republican Representative Rob Wittman of being behind the leak. He denied it.
  • An audiotape surfaced of an aide in Jerry Brown's California gubernatorial campaign calling Brown's Republican opponent Meg Whitman a "whore." Still that didn't stop Brown from being endorsed by the California National Organization for Women. Whitman called the remark an insult to the women of California. Brown's campaign apologized.
  • But the Brown campaign isn't the only one that's slinging sexist comments. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have been making derogatory remarks about female candidates Nikki Haley, Kirsten Gillibrand, Christine O'Donnell, and more. See The Stir's Top 50 Most Sexist Quotes on the Campaign Trail.


Why do you think sexist remarks against a female candidate hurt rather than help her?


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