Blonde-Only Island: Your New Racist, Sexist Vacation Destination


OilaliaIt's dumb and it's blonde, but it's no joke. A company in Lithuania is developing an island resort to be run entirely by blondes.

According to the BBC, Olialia (pronounced ooh la la) plans to open the resort in Maldives, which will offer direct flights, staffed by blondes as well -- pilots included.

From the time you check in until the time you leave, you'll only see fair-haired females at the front desk, in the restaurants and cleaning the rooms.

The thought of such a resort is so baffling, I can't even wrap my own blonde brain around it. It brings to mind so many awful thoughts of master races and racial discrimination, it's hard to believe it would even be legal.

But Giedre Pukiene, Olialia's managing director who is, of course, blonde, says they don't discriminate and anyone is welcome to apply.

"But we find that when women with dark hair work here, they are surrounded by all these beautiful blondes, so eventually they end up going blonde too," she said.

Which doesn't make sense because if it's staffed by all blondes then wouldn't a dark-haired woman "ruin" that shtick in the days or weeks or however long it took before she became a blonde convert.

And what a message!

Pukiene says she wants to promote the smart, blonde women and all their abilities, but it's clear the abilities she's promoting don't take a lot of smarts. And all the sexist, stereotypes are portrayed full throttle in their marketing campaigns.

Not to mention, who is actually going to visit this resort? Bachelor parties and fraternity houses or droves of racist, sexist men? I can't imagine a lot of women making it their top destination desire.

It's not scheduled to open until 2015, so one can only hope this announcement is a bit of a media ploy to garner some attention for the company, which also has its blonde brains in the music, food and computer software industries.

Because truly it's the dumbest blonde joke (of an idea) I've ever heard.

Would you ever vacation at an all-blonde resort? What do you think of the concept?

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celes... celestegood

Men with nothing to do but think of sex came up with this idea, and its horrible someone bought into the idea.  Lets hope it bankrupts soon after opening.

irish... irishangel710

I think this is STUPID. I don't care if they use sex  appeal to run their resort as long as the girls aren't forced into doing anything, but strictly blonde? As a bisexual female I find darker-haired women (redheads and black hair particullary) more attractive. My fiance isn't a fan of blondes either (in fact they are his least favorite), preferring redheads the most. I would NEVER dye my hair blonde either. I love having auburn hair and think it's a gorgeous color. This resort could lose client based because it only focuses on 1 type of interest and potentially gorgeous workers because they aren't blonde.

nonmember avatar recrutmaroc

It must be hot too !

Nellyo Nellyo

hahaha, boyfriend would get a kick out of this.

wife2ali wife2ali

No I wouldn't. That reminds of the Nazis and the Third Reich preferring only blue eyed blond haired people during WW2. Everybody else was killed or thrown into death camps because the Nazis/German people thought blond haird, blue-eyes were the "perfect" race. Plus I'm brunette so I wouldn't be allowed there anyway.

CherB... CherBearCM

Wow!!  Yea seriously when I started reading I thought about Hitler's agenda too!  And geez I thought we'd gotten past the "You're only beautiful and sexy when you're blonde" thing.

nonmember avatar Sara

Um this sounds like an awesome idea, when can I book my flight!!?? I'll call my blonde squad right now!!!!

Gusan... Gusandruca

Good for them! Everyone should find something they're good at.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I don't think it's that big of a deal.  It's not racist, since any woman can dye her hair blonde.  And not really any more "sexist" than a strip club.   So the clients may be racist/sexist, but they also just might be guys (or gals) who like blonde women.  Whatever - it's a niche market, and if there's money to be made off the narrow-minded, someone will find a way.

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