Teaching Tolerance in the Classroom

jenny erikson
Jenny Erikson
The other day I was poking around on the California Teachers Association website trying to find some odd bit of info for one of the plethora of propositions we Californians will have to vote on in November.

When I first went the site, I was shocked to see an actual tab titled GLBT Conference. Since my mom reads everything I write, I feel the need to explain that GLBT is an acronym for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered community. Mom, if you don't know what transgendered means, do not Google it. Call me and I'll explain everything.

My initial shock faded as I realized that I was, after all, on the teachers' union website. Show me a non-liberal union and I'll show you a Leprechaun, because I assure you, neither exist. Don't even try to tell me that pushing a homosexual agenda isn't part of liberalism.


It's ridiculous for our tax dollars to fund propaganda to be taught to our children. I thought we were supposed to keep religion out of our schools, but instead government has replaced God as the power to be served.

I know the liberals that have read this far are exasperated with me. I know they want to tell me that the conference is probably for sensitivity training, that California is home to the most school-aged children of gay parents, that teachers need training on how to properly relate to these kids.

Here's my answer: Relate to them as children that need to be taught their letters, numbers, history, science, and many other subjects. Discipline them when they're bad and reward them when they're good. It doesn't matter if Johnny hits Sammy because he has two mommies any more than if he decks the kid because he didn't like the freckle on the end of his nose. Trust me, when Johnny misses recess for a week, Sammy's going to be a lot less likely to be picked on.

Children should be taught to respect others because they are people, not because of their background. God made all of us, and He made each of us for a purpose. That is worthy of respect. We don't need to tell children to be nice to Sammy because he has two mommies; we need to discipline the kids that would hurt him for it, or for any other reason.

Kids are smart, you know. When they see that adults don't treat children from gay couples differently than those from traditional families, they won't either. Everyone is different for some reason or another, and no one should be made to feel inadequate for it.

For the skeptics out there that are still positive that teachers need special training for this issue, that it's imperative that tax dollars be spent at the GLBT conference, I have one question: When is the Christ in the Classroom conference taking place? Surely any teacher that needs training in how to deal with the GLBT community also needs a course in how to respond when Jessie throws sand at Susie for praying before she eats lunch.

See what I mean? Just teach children to respect others, no matter what.

Now if we could just get the California Teachers Association to distribute this article instead of participating in the GLBT conference, surely there would be enough money saved to hire some new teachers. Creating jobs and smaller class sizes -- isn't that what the teachers' unions say they're for?


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