Kirsten Gillibrand Should Follow Fellow Hottie Scott Brown's Lead

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Kirsten Gillibrand Gets Down
During Fashion Week
Harry Reid
is in hot water. During a fundraiser for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the Senate Majority Leader referred to New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand as the Senate's "hottest member." Gillibrand blushed, the crowd murmured, and Reid went on with his remarks.

And now the pundits are assessing the damage -- reports say the comment was considered "pretty shocking," and could hurt Reid in his campaign against Republican challenger Sharron Angle.

Quick! Bring on the old-school feminists! Let's parade him through the Washington Mall!

Or maybe we could drop the tar and feathers for a moment -- and think.



According to Politico, during his speech, Reid made some remarks about Senator Chuck Schumer and then turned his attention to Gillibrand:

"[He said] something about how 'many senators are known for many things,' according to a source. He added, 'We in the Senate refer to Sen. Gillibrand as the hottest member.' He also then discussed her knowledge of securities law as extremely deep, and suggested she was better on certain policy elements than other people." [emphasis added]

An important fact to consider: Gillibrand was recently named one of The 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill. My guess is that Reid was treating Gillibrand like "one of the guys," and giving her a little ribbing. His attempt at camaraderie may have failed, but so be it.

Suppose Chuck Schumer had been named to the Capitol Hill hottie list (just use your imaginations, people), Reid likely would have commented on that too. And my guess is everyone would have chuckled and chortled the way they do at stupid jokes made at boring political fundraisers. Of course, Schumer didn't make the list.

Who did?

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown.

However, unlike Senator Gillibrand, the hot former Cosmo centerfold declined to give an interview or pose for a picture for the article. I guess he's tired of being treated like a piece of meat.

Maybe if Gillibrand can't take a joke, she should have done the same.

Do you think Harry Reid's comment was sexist?


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