5 Easy Ways for Christine O'Donnell to Prevent Abortions

christine o'donnellThere's nothing like bringing up abortion to ruffle political feathers.

But with Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell out treating it like cancer (she told a room full of fans at a Jewish Community Center in Delaware that not one person in the room hadn't been affected by abortion), it's time to lay out some ground rules.

Think there are too many abortions?

Let's talk about ways to cut the numbers.

Not witchcraft, just a little proof that pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion:


1. Masturbation. Bring out the vibrators and nobody gets hurt. Really, there is not one scientific case of a woman getting pregnant from jilling off. But if O'Donnell has her way, kids of America will be convinced its evil. Just what we need: more horny teenagers.

2. Sex Education. Abstinence-only education isn't working. Study after study has proven it. So cut it. Give kids the knowledge they need to prevent unwanted pregnancies ... and you'll have fewer abortions.

3. Stop Slut Shaming Parents Who Give Up Their Kids to Adoption. Adoption is supposed to be the alternative to abortion, so why are biological parents treated like they're low-life morons who deserve everything that's coming to them when they hand over their baby?

4. Condoms in Schools. Teenagers make up an estimated 17 percent of the abortions in the U.S. Stop making it a national case when schools start giving kids access to birth control, and maybe that number would go down?

5. National Health Care. A woman who is on top of her health is a woman who is taking precautions. And doctors use a regular check-up as a chance to chat their patients up about everything going on in their lives, sex lives included. Poor women do not have easy access to the following: IUDs, Depo Provera, Nuva Ring, or the birth control pill. And they don't have a health care practitioner suggesting they use them.


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