Acid Attack Hoax With a Racist Slant: Same Ol', Same Old

Heather Murphy-Raines/Scout's Honor
What utter lengths women go to get attention in this society. It was reported that Bethany Storro, the alleged victim of an acid attack earlier this month in Vancouver, Washington, made it all up.

The horrible, disfiguring burns she blamed on a stranger were self-inflicted.

It was all a horrific, tragic hoax.

Storro was slated to be on Oprah this week, which has since been cancelled. Sad ... 

She may have scarred herself for life just for that chance.

Remember those fortuitous sunglasses she purchased 20 minutes before the attack that saved her eyes? The ones some people pointed to as an miraculous act of God

The very same glasses she claimed so passionately were proof that "God is watching over [her]."


Yep, she was wearing them at 7:40 in the evening.

There were other discrepancies, including unusual splash patterns from the acid, which began to unravel her story. Police suspected her version of events from the beginning. They served a search warrant yesterday and found undisclosed evidence in her apartment. It's also apparent her parents weren't forthcoming at first about Storro's fragile mental state.

In the end though, Storro admitted to self-inflicting her wounds. What bothers me, besides how someone could harm oneself so brutally, is the hundreds of hours police spent searching for Bethany's assailant.

Worse? The fact that she had us looking for some monstrous African American woman who without reason or warning viciously threw burning acid from a Styrofoam cup into her face.

Racist, terrorist motives were discussed on national news. It scared me here in Washington state. It scared many of us. Now it seems this African American woman never existed.

Flitting around my mind, besides the relief that this figment of Storro's imagination isn't real, is a sense of disgust that women, in their flailing attempts for attention, demonize another race. 

It brings to mind African American teenager Tawna Brawley who was found in a garbage sack, barely conscious, clothing burned, and face smeared with excrement. Racial slurs were written all over her body. She pointed a finger at these brutal Caucasian thugs, one a cop, who brutally raped and beat her. Problem was? She didn't have a bruise nor a scratch on her and the rape kit showed no evidence of rape. Although she was supported by Reverend Al Sharpton, a grand jury found she had been lying the next year. It didn't help her case that a neighbor saw her climb into the garbage. Ooops!

Then there was the little girl in my own community. She had mothers herding their kids indoors with a story of being picked up by a scary Latino or light-skinned African American man. He abducted her, but for the grace of all that's holy, she was able to escape ... and rescue her bike from the back of his truck. Riiiiight ...

Then there was Susan Smith who killed her children and blamed a black man, and too many other racial hoaxes over the last two decades to count.

Why is it, when I hear about these stories of females that seek to harm themselves or others for attention, they always play the race card? It seems to play on the inner tensions of our society.

Why do these woman always throw the opposite race under the bus?

Is it sadly because they're more likely to be believed and less likely, due to the sensitive, uncomfortable to society, but sensationalist nature of their claims, to be asked probing questions?

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