Tea Party Parades Out Slavedriver Obama (But They're Not Racist)

Tea Party racismA Tea Party group is taking heat this week for depicting President Obama as a slavedriver on a float in a parade in Washington State this past weekend.

Ah, another day, another set of Tea Partiers who can't believe their questionable tactics are being called racist.

Memo to the Tea Party: before you plan your next rally, how about reading a few newspapers?


The group in Naches calls themselves "Remember Us ... We the People," and they put a child up on a float this weekend pulling a wagon, with a man wearing a President Obama mask cracking a whip over him.

The child was supposed to represent the "future taxpayer," the group told the Seattle Times.

So let's suppose it's true. They never meant to bring "slave" to mind with a black man cracking a whip over a person pulling a wagon.

Didn't they think before they did it that that COULD be the takeaway?

Simple fact: the Tea Party has been plagued by racism. Their argument has been that without a formal center to the party, there is no way to weed out the kooks from the "good ones."

And so it falls on the so-called "good ones" to do their homework.

Depicting our black president cracking the whip over a child pulling a wagon brings slavery to mind. Just as the black lawn jockeys draw a distinct parallel to servants.

So how is the Tea Party responding?

They're letting them enter the float in another parade.

So much for rejecting racism at every turn.


Image via Remember Us ... We The People

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