Tea Party Parades Out Slavedriver Obama (But They're Not Racist)


Tea Party racismA Tea Party group is taking heat this week for depicting President Obama as a slavedriver on a float in a parade in Washington State this past weekend.

Ah, another day, another set of Tea Partiers who can't believe their questionable tactics are being called racist.

Memo to the Tea Party: before you plan your next rally, how about reading a few newspapers?

The group in Naches calls themselves "Remember Us ... We the People," and they put a child up on a float this weekend pulling a wagon, with a man wearing a President Obama mask cracking a whip over him.

The child was supposed to represent the "future taxpayer," the group told the Seattle Times.

So let's suppose it's true. They never meant to bring "slave" to mind with a black man cracking a whip over a person pulling a wagon.

Didn't they think before they did it that that COULD be the takeaway?

Simple fact: the Tea Party has been plagued by racism. Their argument has been that without a formal center to the party, there is no way to weed out the kooks from the "good ones."

And so it falls on the so-called "good ones" to do their homework.

Depicting our black president cracking the whip over a child pulling a wagon brings slavery to mind. Just as the black lawn jockeys draw a distinct parallel to servants.

So how is the Tea Party responding?

They're letting them enter the float in another parade.

So much for rejecting racism at every turn.


Image via Remember Us ... We The People

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Harry Kuheim

What nerve...to criticize our Great Leader! Maybe a Re-Education class is in order here. Taught by ACORN or the Black Panthers.

APeve... APeveteaux

If you find yourself having to defend yourself against racism, perhaps it's because you did something that was completely RACIST. Seriously. How hard is that to understand?

Jenny... JennyErikson

Wow. Someone made a statement that our current president is enslaving future generations to the government with a debt that will take generations to pay off. Oh yeah, it's totally racist. Nothing but race. Has nothing to do with socialist policies that could potentially lead us into a totalitarian state. Tea parties are all just full of backwoods racists.

Funny how their candidates keep winning though. I guess that means America is a racist nation.

Geez. I've never seen such faulty syllogisms. 

jeann... jeannesager

Jenny, if you noticed, I'm willing to allow that they didn't think it througha t first. But now that someone has clearly pointed out how ill-advised this was, why is the response not "oh, you know, we didn't mean that, so we'll stop doing it?" Because that's all it takes.

Instead they're talking about putting it in another parade, racist angle and all. Putting your hands over your ears and talking over the naysayers doesn't make the problem go away.

ethan... ethans_momma06

Forgive me if I seem a little slow on this one, I didn't get any sleep last night. How exactly is this racist?

It appears to me that they were depiciting our current leader (who, gosh darn it- happens to be black) as 'enslaving' future generations through the policies and agenda's he is pushing. They didn't depict a 'black man', the depicted the president- who happens to be black. At least, that's what it appears when you insinuate slavery. It could be that they were trying to show the burden that our future tax payers would have to 'pull' whilst those in charge get an easy ride while they (the politicians) drive them into the dirt- without the slavery idea at all.

Also, I don't get what the big hush hush is with the word 'slave'. Slaves have been around probably as long as prostitution has, and (like prostitution) it STILL exisists. I don't get how a black man cracking a whip over a symbolism for our future (the children) brings ones mind to slavery in America, since it is MY understanding of U.S. history that it was generally the black man who was under the whip- not the one holding it. And again, it's not like it's ANY black man- it's the freaking President. We didn't get to choose his color, he was born that way.

So can someone PLEASE explain what is racist about this endevour?

nonmember avatar Whoever

Um, does the writer of this post think that the only people who ever pulled wagons or got whipped were African-Americans? Hello? And furthermore, Obama is half white. If someone looking through biased glasses at this float saw black slavery in it, that is his/her problem. What else is Obama doing but burdening future generations with his foolishness? Is there any way to depict the burden without reminding someone of something that, at one time and in one place, involved race?

Joe Hughes

Jenny & Ethans:

Ok, real quick: there was this thing called slavery, and legal discrimination against American's of African descent that happened within the lifetime of people alive today. There were lynchings, there were laws that said they couldn't do things that white people could. They, themselves, or their family members were actually whipped by actual slave masters.

So, it's not racist the same way that denying a person a job is racist, but it is clearly racially insensitive, and a white person invoking the symbols of slavery to make a political point could be seen as an attempt to intimidate black people.

Also, even if it is totally NOT racist, which is a pretty weak position, imho, it is clearly STUPID to do it. Anyone who was standing around there, watching these geniuses set this thing up, should have said: "Wait a minute, we, the Tea Party movement, fairly or unfairly, have been associated with racism, and using the symbols of slavery to criticize the first President of African descent will be seen by the media and public as further evidence of racism in our movement."

Anyway, I assume you're both white, and slavery and the era of Jim Crow is only something you heard your teacher talking about in high school while you texting someone, but it is a very real--and sad--part of our cultural heritage that you would do well to read about, or at least Wikipedia. :-)

Joe Hughes

Whoever:  You could portray him as a hippy, smoking green dollars.  You could portray him as a lawyer, taking money away from small business owners to pay for his 3-martini lunches.  You could portray him as a banker fat-cat, getting rich off his depositors.  I just came up with those in about 1 minute and none of them involve invoking race or slavery or anything racially insensitive.

ethan... ethans_momma06

So Joe first  of all you want to assume about my families heritage (ass, you, me, anyone??), and my education or passion for educational topics concerning 'others' cultural heritage? It is your right to do so, but if you are trying to insinuate ignorance on my behalf- pot, meet kettle.

Secondly, when did a black man (in general) cracking a whip over ( I am presuming a white child but lets say ANYONE) a person become a symbol for the racist American history of slavery? And, if it is- how is that intimidating to those of African descent? Also since slavery has been 'abolished' since 1865, your insinuation that any African American alive today has felt the lash of their slavemasters whip is false, although certainly there are plenty living whose parents, or grandparents may have.

How is it racist to *possibly* invoke the 'symbols of slavery' when any educated person knows that slavery has never been and isn't limited enslaved African Americans? How is it racist to portray our 'Black' President as black?

Isn't it racist to exclude him from political scorn or representation because of the color of his skin?

nonmember avatar Whoever

Joe Hughes, that's kind of insensitive. How do you know I'm not a banker or a lawyer? And, don't you know how many people out there shudder at the thought of things lawyers have done to them in their own lifetimes? (Divorcees, for starters?) Besides, how exactly do you depict a banker or lawyer on a float? And furthermore, who said Obama is getting rich off of his foolishness? I haven't heard anyone suggest that, except for you. Bottom line, it's ignorant to think that AAs are the only people who have ever been exploited, physically or otherwise. I think it's a huge shame that American kids (of all skin tones) are not being taught actual world history so they can put AA slavery in perspective, and also so that they will not make foolish assumptions like this.

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