Angelina Jolie Upset Over Koran Burning

angelina jolie in pakistanTop U.S. officials including Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, and General David Petraeus have all denounced the Koran burning planned for the ninth anniversary of September 11. Now, none other than Angelina Jolie is jumping into the fray.

(And thank god she did because I was having trouble deciding which side of the whole religious book burning debate to fall on.)

The Oscar winner and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador held a press conference after visiting refugee camps in Pakistan, and had some strong words for the Dove World Outreach Center congregation and Pastor Terry Jones:

"I have hardly the words that somebody would do that to somebody's religious book."


Say what you will about Angie (I certainly just did), but you've got to admit that she's usually on the side of the people who are most in need of aid and support. Even now she's in Pakistan trying to raise both awareness about the flood-ravaged country and badly needed funds to help its millions of victims.

And while Angie's (many) critics implore her to spread some of that goodwill around here at home, it's nice to see a celebrity using her fame and popularity for something positive.

Granted, by now most of us have already formulated our opinions about the disgraceful planned burning. Likely, her words won't have much of an effect in terms of swaying us one way or the other (have they ever?). Still, why attack Angelina when she is obviously trying to spread love -- not hate?

(Oh, and Angie wants us to donate to help the flood victims in Pakistan. Be sure to make a donation before clicking over to Jezebel to see a tour of Angie's and Brad's $40 million Italian mansion.)

What do you think of Angelina's condemnation of the Koran burning?


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