Google Logo Hidden Message Is Genius


Google Doodle September 7Been on Google today?

Of course you have.

Arguably the world's most popular web browser homepage, it's mesmerizing millions today with a dot twist on the standard Google logo in honor of September 7.

The Google doodle is gone.

Instead you probably woke up to a Google page full of dots or balls. If you ran a mouse over them, you might have noticed they moved around. Stay long enough, and they form the Google logo.

But unlike the traditional "clickable" doodle that has educated the masses on everything from daylight savings time to the wonders of Winnie the Pooh over the years, try clicking today and you get bupkus.

Which has mass media in an uproar.

How can you get ... nothing?

This is Google, after all. Google! The doorway to the world of information. The fountain of all knowledge.

As of 9 a.m., questions about the non-doodle managed to take up six spots in the top 10 Google trends. The Daily Telegraph of London had already contacted the company for an explanation, and debates over whether it's an ode to the site's 12th birthday are raging.

Attention, world.

You've answered your own question.

Google may be the search engine to end all search engines. It may have spawned some of the corniest t-shirts on the planet.

But the Google Doodle is the root of the site's genius. For the simple reason that everyone cares.


And thus, it doesn't matter "what" the dots in the Google logo mean. The "hidden message" in today's Google logo is that you expect Google to give you information. That you expect Google to be the source of it all.

Google is genius.

Happy birthday Google. We get it.


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Lynette Lynette

lol, I saw it, of course I did.  I chased the dots not to click on them but just because it was fun to make them move. 

29again 29again

Funny!  I haven't been on Google yet, today, only made it to cafemom so far, lol!  But I'm sure I'll get there before the day is ended....

loriec loriec

Me and the kids enjoyed playing around with the dots or balls....LOL they were cool!

Google Rocks! Happy B-day to the best search engine!

nonmember avatar Natalie Zelaya

I also chased the dots! It was fun! This morning when I got on Google, I clicked on the Google logo and nothing happened. I must admit, I was a little sad and had a frown on my face.

Angel... Angelgirl25

mine didn't have that yesterday :*( i was all excited to see it but for some reason it wasn't on google Canada and my stupid settings wouldn't let me go to

Kelly913 Kelly913

Is google really that popular?  I hardly ever use it.

nonmember avatar me

I don't care. Google's constant mucking about with things that aren't broken isn't charming. It's repulsive.

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