Edward Nino Hernandez Is Too Tall To Be World's Shortest Man


Khagendra Magar world's shortest teenAttention, horizontally vertically challenged folks. Stop complaining about your height.

Edward Nino Hernandez has got you beat.

The world's shortest man is just 27 inches tall. We should mention he is also 24 years old.

And he's not short enough.

The Colombian may not have gained an inch since he was 2 years old, but his reign as the world's "shortest" will only last until October.

That's when Khagendra Thapa Magar (pictured above), a 17-year-old from Nepal, will celebrate his birthday.

He will become a man. And take the title at just 22 inches tall.

Lou Gherig, eat your heart out.

If falling asleep while loading up on undies isn't evidence enough that demand is seriously high for silly world records, this battle of the short people cements it.

A member of the Dwarf Association of Nepal, Magar has been lobbying hard for this gig. He tried in 2006 through the association, but that's when Guinness dug up a birth certificate

By some reports, Magar was born Oct. 4, 1992. By others, Hernandez will get an extra 10 days -- Magar's been said to have been born on Oct. 14.

Either way, the appropriately named Nino will have to live big for the next month. He's just going to be a really short 24-year-old next month.


Image via Splash News

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Don't you mean vertically challenged Jeanne? LMAO!!! I know because I, too, am vertically challenged. Maybe Edward can take my motto. I'm not short, I'm fun-sized!! :P

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Dwarf Association of Nepal?????    Who knew.  I wonder if they sell t-shirts?

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