The Blaze Haters: 5 Surprising Groups Who Are Also Getting Screwed by Glenn Beck

glenn beck the blazeJudging by the Restoring Honor rally this weekend, Glenn Beck has 80 to 800,000 (depending on who you poll) fans. Not included in the pro-Beck throng, Tea Partiers.

As Beck launches his website, The Blaze, he manages to offend even more groups that would traditionally get behind the bloviator.

Here are five groups that must be absolutely livid about the talk show host's latest venture:


Big Telephone

The Blaze is outing rogue uses for Motorola phones. (Ummm, I guess? This shoddily edited piece doesn't exactly give check-able, or intelligible, information.) Drats! It was all part of big phone's plan to expand their market share across the border.

Radio Stations

95.7, 97.7, and 105.1 are but a few radio stations calling themselves "The Blaze." Now when you say you heard some crazy mash-up that might have been Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, or Weird Al Yankovic on The Blaze, everyone is going to think it's Beck's site instead.

Home Owner Associations

Usually these policemen of the suburbs swing right, but in this, ahem, scathing take-down of HOA rules, The Blaze has thrown down the gauntlet for a fight!

Beavis and Butt-head

Thanks to The Blaze, Beavis and Butt-head are no longer the only inane characters making comments on bad videos.

Silver Dealers

Why is Glenn Beck always gold, gold, gold?! Silver gets the shaft yet again!


Image via Alex Wong/Getty

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