Troy Polamalu $1 Million Hair & More Silly Celeb Insurance Policies

Troy PolamaluLooks like NFL players are picking up on a couple of weird habits of other rich and famous singers, actors, and celebrities.

Troy Polamalu, star safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, recently had his long locks insured for $1 million. Head & Shoulders, one of his sponsors, drew up the policy with Lloyd's of London.

On top of staying sexy (note: I'm a Steelers fan), Polamalu keeps his hair long to honor his Samoan heritage and, because of this, is one of the most easily recognizable players on the field.

It seems nowadays that any sports player's unique "look" could help thrust them into the limelight, regardless of how well they play. To non-NFL fans, Troy's more famous for his hair than his talent.

Other celebrities have known this since forever, so the NFL is merely catching up -- and of course this gives us an opportunity to rehash some of the more strange body parts celebrities have insured for vast, ridiculous sums of money. Come on, they're clearly in need of the cash!


Mariah CareyMariah Carey: Her legs are insured for $1 billion. Yes, you read that right, "billion." Can't even begin to fathom those annual payments. Interestingly enough, she didn't insure her voice. Not sure what that means in terms of what she believes her skill set truly is ...

David Beckham

David Beckham: Another celebrity who insured his legs, this time for $70 million. Perhaps a bit more understandable for him than for Mariah, since without them he'd pretty much be a good-looking face with a torso, some arms, and a prepubescent boy voice.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton: Another singer who decided to protect an asset besides her voice. Parton got a policy taken out for $300,000. Per boob. Hey, gotta protect those 40DDs. I wonder what size her boobs would have to become/what shape they'd have to take in order for her to get that money.

Egon RonayEgon Ronay: This Hungarian food critic had his taste buds insured for about $2.3 million ($330,000-$400,000 in the '60s). I really have no idea how this one would work. I guess one day he could wake up, say, "Oh crap, I can't taste anything anymore," and get a very nice payout? Talk about a great way to plan for retirement.

Tom JonesTom Jones: Hide the razors, Jones had his chest hair insured for $7 million. I'm sure that there's quite a popular demand for jars of his chest hair on eBay nowadays. Thank goodness Jones had the foresight to avert such shameless profiteers.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez: Insured her butt for $27 million. Pretty sure this one speaks for itself. Anyone care to venture a guess as to what will happen when she gets older and it loses its ... rotundness?

David Lee RothDavid Lee Roth: This Van Halen star had his semen insured for $1 million. Apparently this is in case he does a bizarre flip or trick on stage and it goes terribly wrong. On top of being a horrific mental image, you gotta feel quite badly for the poor employee who had to write that policy up.

And I haven't even gotten to the policies taken out on Keith Richard's middle finger and Merve Hughes' mustache. Is this the price celebrities have to pay to stay beautiful and famous? Let the eye rolling commence.

It just goes to show that celebrities need to stay the hell away from all the hair/butt/taste bud/leg/breast/semen-stealing crazy folk out there.

Would you ever insure a body part? Think it makes sense for celebrities to do so?


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