Glenn Beck Screws Tea Party

Glenn BeckGlenn Beck is the hero of the Tea Party movement at the moment.

Don't take our word for it: the Tea Party Patriots' own website is vowing to restore our honor and "recycle our government" with Beck.

But is this the guy these angry Americans really want helping them take back the country?

Set down your signs and lean in closer folks: Glenn Beck is, gasp, not here for the (Tea) party.


Turns out Glenn's pissing off the right, well, right and left.

Let's take a gander at The Blaze, shall we? Glenn Beck's new website is all about ... Glenn Beck. And launching it now is strategic -- he's managed to make some money off of throwing the "non-profit" Restoring Honor Rally after all.

Wait, the guy who earned $32 million in 2009 didn't do it all for grassroots, middle class America?

After determining gay marriage is not a "threat" to our nation, Beck has been labeled a threat himself by the American Family Association.

And the 40 percent of Tea Party members who believe gays and lesbians should have NO legal recognition of their relationships are not happy.

Not enough proof? Turns out Beck is one of that 59 percent of Americans who don't see Sarah Palin as qualified to be president.

The pundit said frankly when asked if he and Palin would run on a ticket together that he won't be campaigning for the White House, and he doesn't endorse her either. Said Beck:

"I'd like to find [a presidential candidate] with some honor and integrity; I haven't seen them yet, but they'll show up."

Them's fighting words Glenn.

Is the Tea Party hitching their wagon to the wrong star?


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