Pedophiles on a Plane: British Airways Lets Men Sit Next to Kids

british airways discriminationBritish Airways recently changed its unaccompanied minor seating policy: Male passengers can now sit next to children flying alone.


Everyone knows molesters are always men -- and that all men are molesters.

What other reason could there be for British Airways' old rule that forbade ticket agents and flight attendants from seating adult men next to unaccompanied minors? (Seating a kid next to a female predator was evidently A-okay.)


The "treat all men as molesters" policy came to light when Mirko Fischer, who was traveling with his pregnant wife, was asked to move because he was seated next to a minor. His wife was supposed to be sitting next to the kid but she wanted the window seat, so the couple swapped places.

Fischer sued BA under the UK's Sex Discrimination Act and won more than $4,000 -- which he donated to two child protection charities.

British Airways changed its minor seating policy shortly after the case, and a spokesperson for the airline said:

"We carry tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors every year and take great pride in the service that we provide to them and their parents. We have offered this service on all flights for many years for children aged between five and 11 years old, who are travelling alone. Given that some of these flights last up to 13 hours and are overnight, we take the responsibility of caring for these children, whose safety and security has been entrusted to us, extremely seriously. There is a specific seating department that has a range of guidelines to ensure that we place in an appropriate seat. On some services, this will be in a specially created Unaccompanied Minors zone within a short distance of the cabin crew in the galley. We have recently changed our internal advice to our seating and airport teams to ensure that the seating of unaccompanied minors is managed in a safe but non discriminatory manner."
No word on what "managing seating in a safe but nondiscriminatory way" will be, but at least the airline won't discriminate against men outright -- maybe it will just get there in some roundabout way, like, say, molester profiling.

What do you think about the airline's discriminatory policy?

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