Glenn Beck Rally Duping Celebrities: Who's Going?

glenn beck rallyLove him or hate him, Glenn Beck is one smart cookie.

The Glenn Beck Rally, Saturday's big march on Washington, has been dubbed "non-political" by the polarizing pundit.

Which means he's calling out the celebrities to take advantage of the photo ops ... and giving them the chance to say, "Hey, man, I didn't know it was political."


Closet conservatives, run, don't walk to Washington! Here's your chance to hang with your homies and not get spanked for it.

We all know the Sarah Palins of the world are showing up at Restoring Honor -- she's got that closet door thrown wide open.

Because nothing screams "non-political" like having a presidential candidate as your keynote.

But who is Beck boondoggling into making an appearance?

1. Dr. Alveda King -- the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King will make an appearance on the anniversary of her famous uncle's speech

2. and 3. St. Louis Cardinals Manager Tony LaRussa and St. Louis Cardinals player Albert Pujols -- hey, they're in town to play the Nationals, so why not?

4. Ted Nugent -- oh wait, no, he's not coming. Maybe he figured out it would just make him look worse? (Is that possible?)

Who do you think will show up to pose for pictures?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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