Bear Lady: Was She Passing the Doobie?

black bearFast fact: when cops encounter 2,300 pot plants and 13 docile black bears, they're usually pretty full up on their crazy quota for the day.

And then came the pig and the raccoon.

Ah, that got your attention, didn't it?

Now for the truly bizarre portion of the show.


We're not making any of this up.

The Canadian Press' reports on the major drug bust in the Canadian woods say the woman now dubbed the "Bear Lady" has been feeding the bears dog food.

When cops descended on Christina Lake in British Columbia, the bears just took it in stride. So did the raccoon sleeping in one of the bedrooms.

It was the pot-bellied pig inside the house who got a little frantic. Perhaps because the cops were messing with his family's $1 million growing operation?

Cozying up to wild animals seems to be the M.O. for drug operations:

The Atlanta Zoo is now home to two tigers and a bear who were once the pets of a "drug baron," but rescued by cops to live out their life in a zoo.

And then there's that homemade zoo cops in Queens NY found when they were carrying out a drug bust last fall. Monkeys, marmosets, geckos, tarantulas, a snake, and eight dogs were discovered in a "non-descript house" with drug dealers. 

For people who need to keep a lower profile than most, they're taking a major risk. Which makes you wonder -- is sharing the goods the secret to keeping wild animals calm?

There's something you won't learn in doggie obedience school.


Image via Alan Vernon/Flickr

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