Obama the Muslim?: Even More Americans Now Believe

Obama is a Muslim. That's the belief to which a growing number of Americans subscribe -- even more now than during his Presidential run -- according to a poll conducted by a nonpartisan group.

Huh? Is this about the Ground Zero mosque? Do people believe that any President who defends the right to religious freedom for a Muslim group must be Muslim?

Oh wait... this poll is based on interview conducted before the mosque controversy.

Are we being punked?


Here's what the poll conducted and released today by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center and its affiliated Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life found:

  • 18 percent said Obama is Muslim (up from 11 percent who said this in March 2009).
  • 34 percent said, correctly, Obama is a Christian.
  • 43 percent said they don't know his religion (up from 34 percent in early 2009).

Also of interest in the Pew poll:

  • 3 in 10 of Obama's political rivals, Republicans and conservatives, say he is Muslim (up significantly from 2009 and much higher than the share of Democrats and liberals who say so).
  • 46 percent of Democrats say he is Christian (down from 2009).
  • 43 percent of blacks say he is Christian (down from 2009).
  • 18 percent of independents say Obama is Muslim (up from 10 percent last year).

Pew analysts attribute the poll's outcome to attacks by Obama's opponents and his limited attendance at public religious services.

And, of course, they'll never let us forget his given name, Barack Hussein Obama, which many American's believe sounds Muslim and that therefore, he must be Muslim. On the contrary, Obama is the Christian son of a Kenyan Muslim father and a Kansas mother. Obama lived in predominantly Muslim Indonesia with his mother and Indonesian stepfather from age 6 to 10.

And here's a hint as to where people are getting their informed opinions:

  • 6 in 10 of those who said Obama is Muslim said they got their information from the media, with the largest portion -- 16 percent -- saying it was on television.
  • 11 percent said they learned it from Obama's behavior and words.

Whoah... That's interesting. I'm curious what behavior and words be these.

Despite all the confusion and misinformation about the President's religion, the group polled didn't seem too worried about how he is using his religion (whatever it is) to make decisions on the job.

  • 48 percent said the President relies on his religion the right amount when making policy choices.
  • 21 percent said he uses it too little.
  • 11 percent said he uses it too much.

Almost half think the President's political/religious balance is working out just fine. Well, that's strange.

What's the point of all the secret hidden religious conspiracy theories if they don't also believe he's really in it just to make crazy decisions that support terrorists? Are Americans really NOT as freaked about the idea of a "secret Muslim" running the country as I think they would be?

I'm so confused. In any case, he's a Christian.

What do you make of these findings?


Image via The White House/Flickr

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