Carla Franklin Sues Google Over 'Cyberbullies': Should Google Disclose Names?

She's beautiful, she's smart, and hopefully ex-model and business consultant Carla Franklin is about to change Google as we know it.

Someone (or ones) who goes by the Google aliases "JoeBloom08," "JimmyJean008," and "greyspector09" has been posting unauthorized YouTube videos of Franklin. On the same videos, they call her a "whore" and generally mock her. Franklin, a 2008 graduate of Columbia Business School, says the postings kept her from getting jobs and hurt her reputation.

Franklin is suing Google now to unmask the identity of the cyberbullies.

According to the New York Daily News:

She seeks to have Google and YouTube turn over the names, addresses, and phone numbers of whoever labeled her a "whore."

"She wants to make sure this doesn't happen to her anymore, or to anyone else," said Fish, adding that Franklin has a "pretty good idea" about the identity of her online tormentor.

I say: you go girl!


Other similar cases have had good results. Last year, Vogue cover model Liskula Cohen won over a state court in Manhattan against Google to get the name of a blogger who talked about Cohen's hygiene and sexual habits. The blogger, Rosemary Port, whined and said her privacy was violated, but I say tough luck.

I have been on the receiving end of way too many of these kinds of stories. I have seen friends tormented by dummy Facebook sites and my own (and others') email accounts hacked, and the big guys (Google, Yahoo, Facebook) do nothing about it.

Obviously I know that to handle each individual case would be overwhelming, but I have been attacked in the comments sections of blogs in such staggeringly mean ways by people with fake names whom I'm fairly certain I know. Therefore, I have to support the end of Internet anonymity.

People seem to think they can use the Internet to hide the ugly side of themselves from the light, that they can log on to Google or a news website and spew such vile hatred and vitriol. I say out yourself. If you're man enough to call me a bad mom or a horrible person or ugly or a selfish #$# (all of which I have been called), then put your name and your photo up for all to see and judge.

It takes a lot of courage to put oneself out there and almost none to cut another person down anonymously. So, I say go Carla Franklin! And I sure hope this is a sign that the Internet's Wild West days are fading.

What do you think of this case?


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