Furry Lesbians Don't Like Sarah Palin

Mama GrizzlyThe 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote 90 years ago today, and women are celebrating by not supporting Sarah Palin.

Hey, it's their right, right?

The presidential candidate has made using her gender against other women a habit, telling the uterus bearing among us that there's "a place in hell reserved for women who don't support other women."

EMILY's List is going to hell.

And they're taking the lesbian furries with them.


The group dedicated to helping pro-choice female politicians on the campaign trail has struck back at the Mama Grizzly with a hilarious video from the "real" Mama Grizzlies.

They're furry. And they're furious. Don't take their unemployment benefits, Sarah.

Or their right to choose.

The video is rooted in a more serious effort to encourage women to sign the Sarah Doesn't Speak for Me pledge, to learn more about candidates they'd consider the anti-Palin, and to empower women to take back the mantle of femininity in politics.

Even supporters of Sarah Palin have to admit the timing couldn't be better -- the 19th Amendment was about giving women a voice.

Stand in a room of women, and we all sound different.

If Palin expects to represent women, she has to find the common tones.

Challengers could make Palin a better candidate. Or just give those of us who don't support her Tea Party politics a little support of our own (even if it's on our highway to hell).


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