'Mummified Squirrel National Park': Smallest National Park in the Country

I have seen a lot of crazy animal videos -- dogs barking at trees, cats jumping off roofs, and more -- but those animals were usually alive.

This YouTube video highlights the opening of the Mummified Squirrel National Park in Somerville, Massachusetts, which just happens to be my hometown. And the animal in this video? Most decidedly dead.

It is "the smallest national park in the United States" at just 10,000 square micrometers, but it packs a lot into that small space.

If by a lot you mean one petrified squirrel corpse.

Let's also bear in mind that Somerville is also home to a yearly festival de' fluff (the jarred marshmallow spread) and land of one million parking tickets, so why shouldn't it also be home to the smallest national park in the U.S. dedicated (naturally) to Skippy the Squirrel?





Image via exfordy/Flickr

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