YouTube Censors Lesbians Kissing


youtube censoredIf I could only stop laughing I might feel like launching into a controversial commentary about whether YouTube was right to censor this video of two lesbians kissing and the deep moral message it implies ... but I can't. The video has made me all warm and giggly now, and not because I harbor any homosexual inclinations, but because it's just ... funny. And that's the whole point of the video.

It was a parody created by Second City, the famous comedy group, of the popular "Bear" Vasquez "Double Rainbow" YouTube video from six months ago. For some reason the clip has seen a resurgence in popularity recently.

In the original video, the New-Agey type narrator describes the double spectrum with such excitement and disbelief it sounds like he's having an orgasm. That's what makes the original video so hysterical -- that his enthusiastic reaction is way over the top. It just doesn't fit.

Take that soundtrack, which is used to narrate the Second City skit, plus the euphemism of the "double rainbow" (the rainbow is the symbol for gay pride), and you've got all the makings for a satiric home-run. See for yourself.

In the Second City skit, the camera man is scanning not a national park but a city block when his camera locks in on two hot girls leaning against a fence making out. The censored version is still publicly available, but the girls' faces are now blurred out. You can still tell what they are doing. A 7-year-old would still be able to tell what they are doing.

This is really the issue for me. My 7-year-old son loves playing with my iPhone in the car, and the first thing he clicks is that YouTube icon. I do not want him to see two people having sex. I do not want him to see two people making out. I do not want him to see two women or two men making out even more. That's my prerogative as his mom. I will tell him certain facts of life when I feel he is ready to know about them.

Any outlet that allows open access to kids should be monitored and censored if necessary, and err on the side of caution. This is not an agenda, it's business, and making a judgement call about what the company feels best adheres to its own guidelines.

And technically speaking, YouTube really didn't ban or censor anything. These are actresses, who knows if they are even lesbians? The original version of two girls sucking face as clear as day is still available on YouTube, but requires that users sign in -- a process that is tied to age verification from the account’s creation.

So go ahead, sign in and check out the two girls kissing. Oh, wait, I forgot to mention the third girl! I really haven't seen anything that funny in a long time.


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nonmember avatar Michelle

My only point here is that if you want your son to not have access to things like that, it's up to you - not YouTube. You're the one handing him your iPhone and giving him carte blanche to use it and view YouTube videos. I too have a 7 year old son and I can tell you that would not happen in my house (also because hell no you aren't touching my expensive iPhone!)

nonmember avatar Dave

Just to let you know: One big reason the original clip has enjoyed its recent surge in popularity is probably due to it becoming the butt of joking by several late-night show hosts. I've seen it parodied lately by both Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon. Kimmel has featured it, and its "narrator", in his monologue several times recently. And Fallon, just last week, did a mock Neil Young song using the narrator's words as lyrics. Very funny!

tuffy... tuffymama

Why someone would desire and trust a website to monitor what their kid is watching beyond me. Why give him the phone? Weirdo. These are the people who want Big Government to make everything okay so they don't have to think about anything but showing up and voting for who the party tells you to vote for.

nonmember avatar Debbie

I agree with Michelle. As a mother, you should be more responsible for your behavior and your son's. I certainly don't let my daughter have access to the internet OR my phone without me standing over her shoulder....she is very young. If you don't want your son seeing certain things, be proactive about it. What if YouTube hadn't censored the video yet? As a liberal, and a lesbian, I am seriously disappointed in your statements. Do you honestly expect me to believe he has never seen a kissing scene on prime time tv between a straight couple? Or stumbled upon a pg13 movie?? I'm sorry, I just don't buy it, I think you are hiding behind a basic fear of sexuality, when in fact, you are really just a homophobe and you should just own up to it.

Rae.302 Rae.302

Agreed with Michelle and Debbie. Its not YouTube's job to parent your child, its YOURS. Oh, and why are you okay with him seeing heterosexual couples make out? You sound pretty homophobic to me.

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