NAACP Vs. The Tea Party: Cocktail Chatter

racist tea party signEvery week in cocktail chatter, we tell you what you need to know to sound like an expert at this weekend's play date, dinner party or post office meeting.

This week's cheat sheet: the NAACP Vs. The Tea Party.


What It Is: The NAACP has decried racism within the Tea Party movement with a resolution passed this week at the NAACP’s national meeting in Kansas City, Mo. The exact wording of the resolution won't be released until its national board gets to vote on it, but Tea Party leaders are already reacting with claims that there is no racism within its ranks.

Names to Know:

Dale Robertson: The founder of the Tea Party has been photographed holding signs that refer to President Barack Obama as a "n--ger."

Michelle Obama: The First Lady spoke at the NAACP convention this week to address her childhood obesity campaign. While she avoided the specifics of the controversy, she did address how the group's mission helped her husband become president.

St. Louis Tea Party: A splinter group of the national movement, it issued a demand for the NAACP to rescind its resolution this week, stating, "Normally, we ignore childish hostility from belligerent people and groups. But the NAACP today intends to condemn 20 million te party activists as racists. The millions of good, decent, and loving Americans who have participated in Tea Party events deserve nothing less than our full condemnation of the NAACP’s hatred and lies."

Ben Jealous: Head of the NAACP, he has said he isn't anti-Tea Party, just anti-racism.

Phrases to Drop:

"The Tea Party is calling itself the new Civil Rights Movement. So where is the civility?"

"The NAACP head says they don't have a problem with the existence of the Tea Party as a whole; just the acceptance of white supremacists in its ranks."

"The Tea Party movement says there is no official membership, so it doesn't approve of fringe members using racial slurs . . . but it can't keep them out."


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