Sheyla Hershey and the World's Biggest Boobs Go Bust

sheyla hershey biggest boobsSheyla Hershey has the world's biggest boobs. The problem is that they're not natural. And while that doesn't diminish her claim to fame, her breasts could literally be killing her. Despite having a record-breaking 38KKK bust, the Brazilian model underwent breast augmentation surgery in June to make her breasts even bigger. She suffered a life-threatening staph infection following the procedure.

Hershey has been under a doctor's care, and yesterday she had surgery to remove both implants -- and she's in danger of losing an entire breast.


sheyla hershey big boobs


In 2009, Hershey was reported to be a size 38KKK and received the Brazilian equivalent of the Guinness Book of World Records award. Still, Hershey wanted to go even bigger, but doctors in the United States refused to perform the breast enhancement operation as it was deemed unsafe. Hershey had the procedure done in her native country of Brazil. Her website promised she would be "back in action, bigger and better than ever." Fans are sure to be disappointed.


sheyla hershey big boobs


Although a medical emergency is forcing Hershey to get rid of the implants, Hershey told Fox News that it's time, and that her son has been asking her to downsize for quite some time. Sheyla and her husband, Derek, also have a 1-year-old daughter, Victoria Nicole.


sheyla hershey big boobs


I'm not a fan of fake boobs, but for whatever reason, Hershey had a "the bigger, the better" mentality, and it seems like her breasts brought her -- and a lot of other people -- a lot of pleasure.

I hope she finds a way to be happy -- and stays healthy -- without them.


Images via Sheyla Hershey/Facebook

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