Hugh Hefner Wants His Playboy Bunny Back

playboy argyle ankle socks
Now those are some bodacious feet.
Used to be that famous Playboy bunny symbol meant something when you saw it embroidered on a man's polo shirt, or as a charm dangling around his neck, or stickered to the back of his pickup. Watch out, ladies. This dude is a rebel, a rule-breaker, a sexual dynamo, the kind of guy you definitely wouldn't bring home to mother, which is exactly why you want to date him. (At least, this is what all the women who were not rolling their eyes were thinking.)

Today, seeing the Playboy bunny on a product says ... eh. What don't you see the logo on these days?

Rumor has it this is why Hugh Hefner wants to buy Playboy back in full, so he can change the editorial direction of his iconic men's magazine and stop the branding overkill that has led Playboy to slap its bunny on some products that have no relation to the Playboy lifestyle or what the magazine stands for.


Like these very preppy and practical argyle ankle socks. And these have to do with sexual liberation how?

Hefner actually owns the majority of the company, Playboy Enterprises Inc., already, but he recently made an offer to buy all the shares at a premium and make the company private. Hefner owns 69.5 percent of PEI's Class A common stock and 27.7 percent of PEI's Class B common stock. According to a proposal letter to PEI's board of directors, Hefner offered to buy both classes of stock for $5.50 a share, a 40 percent premium on the Class B.

The magazine has struggled financially in recent years. To replace revenue from a drop off in advertising, executives revved up the branding efforts.

The board of directors is seriously considering Hefner's offer, so there's still time to hop on over to the Bunny Shop and stock up on some really tacky products that will make you the laughing stock of all your friends while you still have the chance.

A list of the most un-Playboyesque products currently available include:

-- Tanning sprays

-- Ladies clothing line (in Japan)

-- MP3 player headphones

-- Cell phone covers

-- Socks

-- Houndstooth reversible beanie hat

-- Laptop shoulder bag

-- Beach towels

Do any of these products say "sexy" to you?

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