Russian Spy Swap Complete & More Sexy Anna Chapman Photos

Anna Chapman wearing a tiaraThe Russian spies who loved us are officially gone. The 10 people busted for dealing in spy business for Russia boarded a plane in Vienna bound for Russia as part of an elaborate "spy exchange" between the two countries. Four people imprisoned in Russia for spying on the West also boarded a plane leaving the Austrian capital bound for the United States.

So this ends the chapter, but the memory lingers on, now that even more photos of Anna Chapman, the stunning 28-year-old redhead from New York, have surfaced.


Chapman -- or someone -- has removed all of her photos from her Facebook page; here's more of Chapman from the site Odnoklassniki, which means "classmates." Good to know she's up and ready to go once she hits home soil later today.



Anna Chapman looking all Russian military in New York:

Anna Chapman in New York

Sauntering in what appears to be a parking lot in Russia ...

Anna Chapman parking lot

Playing the tourist at the Statue of Liberty ...

anna chapman at statue of liberty

Oh, Anna, what is it about you!

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