Iranian Mom Faces Stoning, But You Can Help

Heather Murphy-Raines/Scout's Honor
The punishment of 99 lashes was considered not enough. 

Now death by stoning

CNN reports that Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani, 42, and a mother of two, "will be buried up to her chest, according to an Amnesty International report citing the Iranian penal code. The stones that will be hurled at her will be large enough to cause pain but not so large as to kill her immediately."

Her crime? Adultery. An act up to 60 percent of the American population has engaged in. 

Worse, it may not be even true. Not only was the confession acquired after those 99 lashes, but there was a language barrier as court proceedings were in Farsi while she speaks Turkish.


According to a 2008 Amnesty International report, "The majority of those sentenced to death by stoning are women, who suffer disproportionately from such punishment."

Mina Ahadi is the head of the International Committee Against Stoning and the Death Penalty and a woman who knows firsthand the cruelties of living under Iran's harsh penal codes for women having fled Iran in the 1980s. She says:

"Legally it's all over. It's a done deal. Sakineh can be stoned at any minute. That is why we have decided to start a very broad, international public movement. Only that can help. Experience shows (that) ... when the pressure gets very high, the Islamic government starts to say something different."

The United States' Assistant Secretary of State P.J. Crowley agreed Thursday:

"We have grave concerns that the punishment does not fit the alleged crime ... For a modern society such as Iran, we think this raises significant human rights concerns."

So what can you do? 

Let's get the message out. 

Let's share her story. 

Let's shine the bright light of the Internet and the world on her plight. Then more light. And more ...

Let's make it very difficult for Iran to stone this mother of two under the glare of women everywhere.

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