11-Year-Old Raises Over $100,000 for the Gulf

gulf oil birdsWhen Olivia Bouler heard from her grandparents in Alabama about how the oil spill would hurt the Gulf Coast wildlife, she cried.

And then she did something about it.

She wrote a letter to the National Audubon Society decorated with a drawing of a cardinal. She asked the organization if she could sell some bird paintings and give them the profits.

Six weeks later, Olivia's artwork has inspired people to donate nearly $130,000 for gulf cleanup efforts led by the National Audubon Society and other wildlife organizations.

This summer, Olivia plans to creat 500 illustrations.

"It's flabbergasting to think of the money we raised," she told People magazine. "Think of the birds we're going to save."

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Image via IBRRC/Flickr


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