Latest Mel Gibson Meltdown: Terrorism

Mel GibsonWhat happened to Mel Gibson? I can't figure it out. Sometime over the past decade, someone or something abducted the talented actor I fell in love with in Mad Max, the respected producer and director of Braveheart, the loyal husband and father, the good Catholic, and replaced him with a cheating racist hothead alcoholic abuser.

And now we can add another adjective to that list: terrorist.

To recap, we have the Passion of the Christ issue of blaming the Jews, making anti-Semitic remarks to a cop after a drunk driving arrest, cheating on his wife of 28 years, and numerous other little reported slurs and outrages scattered in between. Now, in the latest incident, the 54-year-old Gibson threatened to burn ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva's home down.


This is the mother of Gibson's eighth child, his 8-month-old daughter, mind you. This man has gone completely off the deep end. It's time he pulled a Marlon Brando and go live on an island somewhere. Alone, since he clearly hates people, and doesn't care what people think of him.

I can't imagine him ever being invited to star in another film that's not his own, or another woman who'd accept a date, especially after the latest Mel Meltdown. (Then again, someone dated -- and married -- Charlie Sheen again, so stranger things have happened.) According to Fox News, the gossip site Radar Online got ahold of some audio tapes of conversations Gibson had with Grigorieva regarding a custody battle over their baby daughter. Both Gibson and Grigorieva have restraining orders against each other, she alleging that Gibson was physically abusive, he to try to keep the former revelation under wraps -- oops, it got out, anyway.

The tapes have not been released, but Fox News revealed some of the nasty things Gibson reportedly said, via the Radar Online reporter who heard them:

  • He called Grigorieva a psycho c**t and a whore;
  • He used the N-word with the comment: "You look like a f*king pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of ni****s it will be your fault."
  • He threatened to "come and burn the f***g house down."

That last comment may be the most damaging to date, as it crosses criminal lines. Threatening to torch someone's home is considered an act of terrorism. Never in a million years would I have thought to associate Gibson with someone like Timothy McVeigh or Osama Bin Laden, but if the shoe fits ...

A member of the California Jewish community was quoted as saying that another half-hearted apology will never be enough now, and I agree. What's done is done. Clearly Gibson has mega problems, and that's sad, but you can only dig the hole so deep before you can no longer claw your way out. We gave Mad Mel plenty of chances, but now it's time for everybody to write him out of the script.

Have you given up on Mel Gibson? How can he ever redeem himself?


Image via Kevin Winter/Getty

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