Sharron Angle Says Rape and Incest Are Part of God's Plan

I'm not a religious person in the traditional sense -- I don't go to church or temple each week, but I do believe there's a greater force in the universe. I don't believe it's a total coincidence that my husband and I became the parents by adoption of the fabulous PunditGirl!

Some people would call that God at work, others wouldn't. While I don't believe much in fate or an invisible hand guiding all we do, I respect the fact that others believe that God has a plan for them.

But when people want to tell us what they think God's plans are for the rest of us or that they can speak for God, that's where I have a little problem. So, yes, I've got an issue with Sharron Angle, the GOP/Tea Party candidate running for Harry Reid's U.S. Senate seat in Nevada, and her comments about the Almighty's agenda.


In a recent radio interview, Angle said she doesn't believe there's any reason ever for any woman to have an abortion. It's not that view I take exception with, per se -- many people feel that way. It's how she came to that conclusion that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

She's against giving victims of rape or incest the option to terminate their pregnancies because:

"You know, I'm a Christian and I believe that God has a plan and a purpose for each one of our lives and that he can intercede in all kinds of situations and we need to have a little faith in many things."

So somehow Angle knows that if a girl or woman has been raped or is the victim of incest, that's part of God's plan? If my daughter is ever sexually assaulted, I'm supposed to accept the consequences and find solace in Angle's belief that it's all part of a bigger picture?

I'm certainly not surprised that Angle is anti-abortion. (I refuse to call her "pro-life." Those of us who believe in a woman's right to control her reproductive destiny are also pro-life). And I understand there are many people who feel there are no circumstances under which a pregnancy should ever end in abortion. But Angle's comments go further than that by suggesting not only that God plans all pregnancies, but also how women become pregnant, including those who end up that way as a result of sexual violence.

While we may think or feel that there are some things in life that are destiny, serendipity, or Divine Providence, I can't accept the proposition that the acts of a sexual offender are part of "God's plan," because it's a slippery slope from there to the Republic of Gilead.

Some of Angle's supporters contend that Angle only meant that God has a plan for every child. But you know what? That's not what she said, and it sure doesn't sound to me like that's what she meant.

If God does have a plan for everything, I hope electing Sharron Angle to represent Nevada in the U.S. Senate isn't one of them, because she's got some other pretty extreme and out-of-touch views on other important topics, as well.

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