Verizon iPhone: It's Finally Happening!

iPhone 4Apple isn't officially saying, Verizon isn't officially saying, and AT&T is probably fuming and almost certainly not saying, but it looks like Verizon customers will finally be able to buy an iPhone in January 2011. This, according to "two people close to the plans," Bloomberg reports this morning.

To be safe, I'd only allow yourself to get 80 percent excited at this news, on the chance that the companies will come out and announce the Verizon iPhone is all a big mistake.

I know at least two people in my little circle of friends who would be devastated by that; it would be like offering a toddler a lollipop then taking it away before the first lick. They've been waiting forever for this day, or rather, six months from this day, when the phones will be available. They currently supplement their smartphone/iPhone deficit with an iTouch, but they love Verizon's great customer service too much to switch to the phone.


I'm an AT&T customer and haven't experienced any service problems with my iPhone, but the company's Dallas headquarters is constantly flooded with complaints, particularly from residents of New York and San Francisco, which is why the wireless carrier spent $2 million to upgrade its service in those areas this year.

Still, this could also be great for current iPhone users like me. We now may have an option to switch to a plan with a lower rate, or take advantage of bundle offers.

AT&T has been the exclusive carrier of the iPhone since 2007. Apple has sold more than 50 million since then, 1.7 million of which came from the recent launch of the iPhone 4 over a few days alone. With the Verizon deal, Apple plans to sell about 3 million more iPhones every quarter. If it really is a deal, and not another false alarm.

How about you, Verizon customers, will you buy an iPhone in 2011?

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