Flying Car? Isn't That a 'Plane'?

flying plane terrafugia transitionThe world's first flying car -- the Terrafugia Transition -- has just received the go-ahead from the FAA.

The car has two seats and it can drive on any surface; it's got wings that fold so you can turn it into your very own mini airplane should you find yourself in a traffic jam. Sounds like the stuff spy movies are made of or at least The Jetsons.

Check out this video to see the Terrafugia Transition in action.



Pretty incredible.

Though, if you ask me, the plane doesn't fly all that fast -- a mere 115 MPH. You could make a getaway in a car at that speed (uh, no officer, I haven't tried it), plus we'd miss out on all those crazy car chases.

The price tag is what you might expect for a flying car: $194,000.

How would you like to have a Terrafugia parked in your driveway?


Image via Terrafugia

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