Shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo Pictures Overshadow Spitting Incident?


Shirtless Ronaldo Vanity FairCristiano Ronaldo proved he can shoot more than soccer balls when he spit at a cameraman after Portugal's loss to Spain in the World Cup -- while the camera was on. 

The Armani model and de facto hottie to watch in these games has become the hothead to watch with his antics on the pitch.

But while all the serious sports reporters are betting his spitting incident will hurt the Portuguese player's reputation, the most in demand pics of Ronaldo aren't of him being an ass -- they're OF his ass. 

And his abs.

Shirtless Ronaldo remains a hot keyword -- check out the 50 Shirtless Pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo on Buzzfeed and let us know how far the drool dripped.

Or how about the Vanity Fair cover that rocked the world -- and remains our favorite of all time (sorry Angelina!).

And can we take another look at those Armani photos, laid out for us so kindly by the Ronaldo team on his Facebook?

shirtless ronaldo

My husband put this picture on his Facebook last week -- to prove a point in an argument we were having (yes, he's both secure enough in his manhood to have a half-naked man on his Facebook to allow his wife to ogle AND to wear pink) -- and I didn't notice anyone calling him naughty in the "bad person" way.

OK, enough of the sexiness. Er, sexism.

Ronaldo's last Facebook post got no less than 18,456 comments -- many of which were a shot in the arm, many of which were from his female fans (the men were not nearly as nice). 

He's got the foot to be more than just a pretty face, but right now, it's the latter that seems to matter.

Good thing -- because Portugal is out of the World Cup. The only way they'll remain a topic of conversation is if Ronaldo keeps taking his shirt off.


Images via Vanity Fair/Facebook



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nonmember avatar Sarah

Anyone who looks that good with out a shirt should be allowed to spit whereever and whenever they want to...just saying... =]

nonmember avatar Lexi

This isn't Cristian's first temper tantrum, though is it?

I googled "Cristian Ronaldo Angry" because I wasn't sure where I'd read about his temper, and you wouldn't believe the number of articles, videos, etc- most of which have nothing to do with his spitting incident (which I do believe is getting way over-hyped), but all show a volatile person.

So does being a pretty face get you out of being a poor sport? I dunno...

nonmember avatar Maltese Cross

To be fair, the man walked past a camera and spit.  He did not spit directly at the camera.  Football players and sports players regularly spit when they play.  I don't understand though, the man played his guts out for his country as did his teammates and suffered a heartbreaking defeat, is he not supposed to show emotion?  He was pissed he lost.  Athletes are supposed to be angry when they lose.  However, he did not abuse anyone or assault anyone...

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

I haven't read the post yet, I'm still looking at the picture!

nonmember avatar shawnmckoy

o.k people it is so obvious that ronaldo did not spit on or at the camera man he was spitting on the ground no need to be hard on him he just lost a match ronaldo ur still the worlds greatest no matter what

mistr... mistressScorpio

I read this article and didn't retain a word of it. Those pics are hot. I will have to pick up that VF so I can inspect more closely.

jeann... jeannesager

oh mistress, hit his Facebook page, there is more yumminess. Um, I mean very serious soccer information.

Scout... ScoutsHonorHMR

hehehehehhe  He is a putz, a beautiful putz...

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