Landon Donovan Scores, the World Reacts, and Glenn Beck Misses Out

When the USA beat Algeria in the World Cup game the other day, the world went wild. This YouTube video made by Robby Donoho, a Purdue University senior, captures the goose-bump-inspiring moment when Landon Donovan scored the game-winning goal.


Too bad Glenn Beck hates soccer.

Here's what he said on his June 11 program:


"I don't get the baseball thing, but the soccer thing, I hate it so much -- probably because the rest of the world likes it so much, and they riot over it, and they continually try to jam it down our throat.

It doesn't matter how you sell it to us. It doesn't matter how many celebrities you get. It doesn't matter how many bars open early. It doesn't matter how many beer commercials they run. We don't want the World Cup. We don't like the World Cup. We don't like soccer. We want nothing to do with it. You can package it any way -- you can spend all kinds of money. You can force it on our television sets. We will not enjoy the World Cup."

Um, yeah, thanks so much for your opinion Glenn. But maybe you should learn about pronoun usage. "We" should be "I" and "us" should be "me."

Not only does this video prove Mr. Beck wrong, but according to Media Matters, 120 million Americans enjoyed the World Cup that was "forced" on their television sets in 2006; 17 million Americans watched the final match alone (and that match that didn't even include an American team). That seems like an awful lot of people not enjoying the World Cup. For sake of comparison, the NBA Finals this year are averaging 15 million viewers per night. The 2009 World Series averaged 19 million viewers.

Good luck against Ghana, Team USA. Glenn might not like soccer, but the rest of "us" will be cheering our hearts out ... and we know you'll be playing yours out.

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